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  1. xxlsuperlouis

    How did she create this text and make it hover in the bottom left corner?

    Hello everyone! I would like to have something similar to this hovering on the bottom of my cam saying "twitter @xxlsuperlouis" when I'm broadcasting on chaturbate. If anyone could point in in the right direction I would appreciate it! I stream using obs if that helps💙
  2. OFxoxolexie

    OnlyFans Problems!!

    Girls, I'm here to inform you girls about something EXTREMELY important about OnlyFans!!!! Been on OF for almost 2+ years. Top under 1% always and this has been how I've supported myself through a shitty family, getting kicked out of my home and homeless all the way to owning my own house...
  3. S

    Hi girls, found a way to stream to all my cam platforms at the same time!

    Then i can get paid by all of my cam platforms during one stream session! It's pretty good, before I was using two PC's but it was troublesome. I earn 70 per hour after revenue share with Cam24. Now I earn 350 per hour as I have 5 cam platforms I'm registered with! The site doing it is...
  4. I

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    Hi all! Me and my friend had the following idea and would be curious to hear your feedback: We have observed that many men on sex cam websites and on chatroullete websites are just willing to show their penis and how they ejaculate. What if we would reverse the roles and make the following...
  5. StarSpirit

    For how long have you been a cam model and how has it changed you life?

    Hello everyone! I could change my name to "the curious one" I guess, because I am, indeed, really curious! But I feel like many people come to a cam site and see all those at the top, with hundreds or thousands of watchers, receiving big tips, sometimes seemingly for nothing. And that is because...
  6. CamillaaCoxx

    Sweetheart Persona

    Hey everyone! So, I kinda just need some advice from anyone who’s willing to help. I prefer to be a sweetheart to people. It’s how I am and how I’ve always been described (irl and in guest chats while camming) and I’m wondering if there’s a way I could play that up to make more money. Like...
  7. ShyCollegeSlut

    How many weeks does it take to establish a "regular" fan base?

    I just came back after a long hiatus (several months) and I have almost 60k followers on Chaturbate. I have a few "regs" who haven't forgotten me and check in sometimes, but lately my cam room has been very quiet and tips are slow and mostly non-existent. I'm only on day 4 of a regular cam...
  8. Princessbambiix

    Performing Arts Ideas For Cam (And fitness!)

    Hi there! I’m very interested in learning a new skill/performance art, but I’m so torn between multiple options! I know there’s Lyra, pole dancing, aerial silks, silk fan dancing, hula hoop dancing, etc., but there are so many options that I get overwhelmed..! Have you guys ever tried any of...
  9. passmeawhiskay

    Pros and Cons of Camming

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! New to the site, quick background on me and then on to the discussion. I started camming on Chaturbate in 2015 after I got myself into a legal bind, (DUI, dont ever get one, crazy expensive). I felt desperate and was not making enough money with my normal job or my...
  10. H

    searching for opportunity

    hi i want to try the whole camming thing not as a job but more as trying new things and have some fun (though some money is always helpful) and i was wondering if there are safe places i can search for people who want to do a show with me not as a spectator but as a fellow model? i am located in...
  11. G

    Anyone on Camsoda?

    I started on CamSoda, and I'm wondering how other webcammers out there are also using that website and are faring well. It's been about a week since I started shows on CamSoda, and my earnings are close to $20.00. I could make my shows longer, but I have other people living where I am who...
  12. Nina L

    someone is falling in love with me

    what do you do when a guy you do shows with is falling (but really falling) in love with you ? I'm afraid to hurt him... Because I am what I am and it's very weird to mix feelings and the "work" together... Maybe I'm just being silly... but really I would like to know what to do in those kinds...
  13. X

    Me and fiance want to go to chaturbate from stream mate what's best payment option for UK!?

    We are still new to camming but on stream mate traffic seems to be very slow and alot of people not talking and leaving soon as joining we've tried talking and being flirty etc with no joy we want to go to give chaturbate a go but as we are in UK what' our best way of getting paid :)? Is there...
  14. couplebeauty

    Chaturbate Income Question

    We are a couple that started camming on chaturbate about a month ago and we would like transfer our tokens to cash for the first time. On the website it states that the pay period ends on the 15th and the money is transferred by the latest on the 22nd. As we live outside of the US, and will...
  15. Vicky Vollten

    Weird fetishes?

    For me, I have to say some stuff was weird AF, like the foot fetish, when a member asked me to zoom on my feet I thought he had a serious issue. Now there are other that sound strange to me. What are your favorite fetishes, what do you find strange for doing on cam? #camgirl
  16. JGenius

    Member with wrong behaviors and level of education

    Good Morning all. I have a question. It's curiosity not for academic work or an article just curiosity. Do you think members with some education (studies or\and easy access to culture) are less exposed to do some mistake like making confusion between camsite and Facebook or dating site. Or...
  17. A

    Suddenly 1-8fps on Chaturbate?!

    I cam almost every day on Chaturbate without any issues at all; have been for over a year now. However, today something odd happened during my show. My FPS went for the usual 28-30 on HD to about 1-8 fps. I did a speed test and I have 240mbps download and 3mb my internet seems...
  18. E

    I got scammed!

    I've been a cam model for Chaturbate for almost half a year now. I first got to know the website by a guy, he said he worked for a Chaturbate agency. I just found out that it was just a group of people that tried to take some profits from the models like me. I did some research of how much...
  19. honey_witchie

    payment & a few other questions for MFC girls

    Hi! I just started on myfreecams and I have some questions for you veteran models (: 1) I was wondering if you have direct deposit can you request to have your payment sent anytime once its reached over $20? Or are there exact days that everyone gets paid whether they have direct deposit or...
  20. arielxoxo

    noobie on mfc

    Hi guys! Im a new model on mfc and i have some questions.. i really like it so far, its fun just hanging out with the guys, and just the entire community, i really want to be a part of it. I dont have any toys or anything at the moment, and im working off a shitty chromebook, and i want to get...