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  1. L

    Chatturbate does not pay me

    After having about 1 month and a half of unproductive conversation (via email) with Chatturbate Support, we have come to the point where they say they already sent me the payment, but the payment was rejected by Paxum. So I asked Paxum what is going on, and Paxum said they NEVER reject...
  2. C

    Best Day Of The Week To Be Online?

    So curious what everyone's opinion is on this.... I'm guessing Fridays and Saturdays are hot for tipping? Paydays usually land on a Friday and I'm sure people are rushing home and buying up a stack of credits... and after a long weekend of tipping Mondays being the slowest? Love to here all...
  3. F

    Ex Cam model/ Adult Model now starting a new venture

    Hey Ladies, Ive been in the adult industry myself for over 8 years now and ive recently decided to embark on a new venture... I started my OWN cam site !!!! Id love to have any of you on board, because my site is BRAND new i havent accepted models yet, once registered you will receive an email...
  4. U

    How do I hide my job from potential background checks? (AdultWork, UK) HELP!

    Hello yall! I'm new here and I haven't set up my own camgirl account yet as I'm stuck on one important thing: I wanted to know if there is a way to "hide" the fact on legal documents like taxes and background checks that I work as a camgirl. The reason being is because I'm a medical student...
  5. A

    OBS Settings Advice

    Hello! I am a new cam model on Streamate and I was streaming with OBS Studio because I like to add a little watermark, however, I noticed there was no sound when I checked my stream through my phone, and some users were saying it was very glitchy. I have been using the original settings after...
  6. L

    Looking for a cam girl for none nudity

    Hey how you doing? I have just joined on here because Im looking for someone to help me out! I am looking to start trying to make some money and need a good looking girl with a fair bit of knowledge of gaming. The idea is if you have a cam at home and have a fair bit of knowledge about gaming...
  7. JGenius

    Webcam sites and sociopath behaviors!

    I have a question for models And members particularly members! I've seen and even contributed to the tread about narcissic behaviors, but i was thinking about an awful category of peoples sociopath. Peoples who absolutely wants to get a total control on your minds. A members who was acting...
  8. Pookie_Fae


    So I've been looking into better and easier ways to hide myself so I don't end up being made into a lampshade by some room lurker... Anyway... I just found this extension on chrome called TouchVPN and if anyone looks, it looks like I'm in Singapore. The extension is totally free, no data...
  9. EllaGray

    Awareness on Prop 60

    Posting this because everyone needs to understand the ramifications that this bill has for the entire adult industry. Even cammers who cam together will have to comply. This post is on and was written by Eric Paul Leue of FSC...
  10. RockerRich

    Looking for models that want traffic

    I am an expert marketer and SEO guy. I am currently looking to work with models who are interested in expanding their audiences on Chaturbate. I am not charging anything because I have a white label. what I am looking for from the models that want the help is content...
  11. H

    Back to a vanilla job help with resume please :(

    Hello ladies! I know I no longer cam anymore but you all are sooooo helpful and I have to ask. How do I put 'cam model' on a resume for a vanilla job? Also, at an interview if I do state something like I was an independent contractor for a business online and they ask what did you sell or do...
  12. M

    Camming and future job opportunities

    Hi everyone, I'm a new cam girl as in, have an approved account but have yet to do a show yet. I've already invested in a webcam and am excited to start camming but an issue has just came to my attention. I know society is becoming more and more accepting of sex work but I'm worried about how...
  13. M

    New Cam Site opinions and ideas wanted.

    So I'm thinking about creating a new cam site and wanted the opinions and ideas of others. One main difference between my potential site and others is the model payout percentage - the minimum percentage would be 80%, I'm trying to make that more 85-90% also no minimum payout. I'm also thinking...
  14. Hotcpl4u13


    I am a camgirl, username hotcpl4u13, it's actually under tomoko1b under chaturbate, I work as a studio with my bf on our cam show. Kathy
  15. JerryBoBerry

    Looking for a new camera to make videos?

    Want to bump up your game to the next level? Looking to add new and interesting shots to edit into your movies? Have a spare $1400 lying around? Phantom 4 from DJI Really good dedicated HD camera they built themselves since GoPro has been resting on its laurels. Crystal clear video even from a...
  16. S

    Getting out of caming?

    What happens when your done caming, or maybe finished college, and became financially stable will a cam girl or someone like myself that sells nudes and videos be able to get a regular job? I'm worried they'll find out about what I've did in the past to make money, NOT that I am ashamed of this...
  17. SylvySinclair

    What is a good laptop to cam?

    Hello all, So i was thinking on buying me a new laptop since my hubby doesnt seem to be buying one for himself so soon (money is tight). He's using mine, which is an Acer. I like it preety much, but like i said, i dont see me getting it back anytime soon, unfortunetely. Since i started to cam...
  18. B

    camed for only a week and quitted should I tell my Boyfriend?

    Hello girls I read through a lot of your other threads about bf topic, but my case is a little particular. I only did caming for about 5 days I think! no more than one week and I had to quit. At that time my bf and I, werent together since we broke up but a month after we got back together. I...
  19. S

    camsite features

    Hi everybody. I'm developing a new web cam site, and i'm really interested in your opinions, because you know, you are the core of this business. I know that there are tons of camsites out there, and the competition would be rough, but that's the reason i'm here, to talk to and get opinions...
  20. A

    Check Out SultryCam.Com

    Hello, I just started my own whitelabel site through Chaturbate! I'm very excited to say I'm probably hosting some of the totally incredible models on here! Anyway the point of this post was to ask for you guys to visit my page, possibly provide some feedback on my color scheme and logo, and...