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How many weeks does it take to establish a "regular" fan base?

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Mar 29, 2017
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I just came back after a long hiatus (several months) and I have almost 60k followers on Chaturbate. I have a few "regs" who haven't forgotten me and check in sometimes, but lately my cam room has been very quiet and tips are slow and mostly non-existent. I'm only on day 4 of a regular cam schedule, and i'm starting to get discouraged by the lack of chat, I can't even get the greys to talk to me. I tell stories, chat first, say hi to most people when they come into my chat, etc and it's still crickety in my room. Any advice or encouragement would be welcome. My room count has been consistently around 30 people, up to about 100 during a hitachi torture show. In the 4 days i've been back I haven't made one mini goal and its really discouraging.
Hey :) Im not highly experienced as I only started on cam 6-7 months ago, but I do have periods of time where its slow, and theres definitely not 30 people in my room. Sometimes only like 6-7 at a time. I have a few tips to get my chat started. If I speak to someone in private and they ask me something interesting, I'll ask them to ask in the public room so we can get a conversation going. I also ask general questions to the room but will also name specific usernames to make sure to get answer. For example: "Guys, I need some books suggestions for my next novel Im gonna read! Whats your fav books? Jo, I know you read books, whats yours? And what about you Johnny? And what about everybody else?" Can be any question lol. I don't do any cum shows in public but I will strip and ask member what music they would like and to know their music will be playing makes them more excited about it. If you see the recurrent trend here, I try to make it more about them than me. People love talking about themselves so try getting them to talk about things they like and when the energy in the room goes up usually tokens flow in more as well! I also listen to podcasts when im not online to give me ideas of things to bring up and talk about. Keep a smile on your face and look happy even when it feels impossible! You might also need to go find people yourself. Sometimes only one out of 10 will answer but you never know who you might find! hope this helped a little at least gave you some ideas.
That super sucks! Sorry to hear you've been having troubles...

I've only been camming for 8 months only but I can tell you that I started off really strong on CB, then had a really bad period, to now back to being successful, or successful for me, at least (right now I get on an average day 600 people in my room and on an amazing day I've had 3000... still don't know how that happened LOL) so maybe I can offer some help.

I started camming when I lived in the states and then moved after 1 month to a new country with a totally different time zone... so ALL of the fans I gained in my time in the states were basically pointless because they couldn't attend my shows anymore. I was doing shows at 8pm EST in the states and then had to start doing shows at 1pm EST because of the time difference... the 8pmers weren't also 1pmers. I went from having a lucrative, great beginning, to like 15 people in my room. What I did was keep trekking on to be honest. I kept going and going and I don't know what exactly happened (I think it was just a really sexy show) but one day my room count skyrocketed. I couldn't believe it. Maybe what you can do is just keep going and stick to a pretty good schedule, build a twitter if you don't have one, etc. and treat it like a beginning again.

It also definitely didn't take me 4 days to bounce back from that bad spell, maybe a few weeks to a month, even. But if its something you really want, I'd give it a month and then reevaluate again. And try to keep as calm as you can. I was literally having stomach issues from the stress of not doing well on cam, but it definitely doesn't help.

Also- there was a point where I made a new user name maybe a few months ago, and I somehow got a NEW tag. CB told me that I wouldn't but I did (maybe it was a mistake)? So maybe a little brand refresh and new username could help. CB will transfer all of your followers to the new username. They might've fixed the bug that gave me the NEW tag, though.

Again not an expert by any means but I know the feeling and it can be so disheartening. I guess I just tried as hard as I could to keep a smile on my face. Another thing I noticed is that when I went from camming for 3 hours to more like 5 hours, I was much much more successful.

Good luck! Keep us updated.
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