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  1. AngelicEvie

    Tonight's the night!

    I am gonna do my first show tonight (eep!). I am nervous but also I am excited. I was wondering what are the top 3 tips/advice you have for the first show. I have read and researched for a few months and I think I have the basics down but last minute advice is always welcomed! Thanks lovelies!
  2. arielxoxo

    noobie on mfc

    Hi guys! Im a new model on mfc and i have some questions.. i really like it so far, its fun just hanging out with the guys, and just the entire community, i really want to be a part of it. I dont have any toys or anything at the moment, and im working off a shitty chromebook, and i want to get...
  3. AlyssaMichelle

    New girl here!

    Hey everyone! I recently posted over in the newbie who the f*$%# are you thread, but I wanted to formally introduce myself here as well! I recently just created my account on Chaturbate, and I can't wait to get started! I love that there's a forum for camgirls, that's awesome. I just ordered my...
  4. P

    Just did my first show ... it wasn't great!

    Hey guys and gals, just looking for some advice really. I did my first show today. The plan was to stay on for 3-4 hours to just ease myself in. I've done my makup, like my makeup is immaculate! I put on some music and all that, got the room nice and tidy and decent enough lighting. I started...
  5. JesseBangs

    How much do you charge for custom videos?

    Hiya I was wondering how much you charge for customs! I am brand new on CB and have had my first four rather successful shifts this week. A lovely regular of mine has requested a custom vid, pretty tame, just dirty talk, moaning his name, and whatever else I like. I was thinking 35-40$ for...
  6. Jops Fernandez

    which cam sites allow models from the philippines to broadcast?

    hello :) i'm from the philippines (and a n00b here, hello!) and i'm looking to start camming very soon. however, all of the resources i've checked have stated that the several of the biggest cam sites (MFC, chaturbate) don't host models from the philippines for legal reasons. the philippines is...
  7. TransFtmPup123

    Any other transgender FtM peeps that cam here?

    I am just starting out and I honestly feel alone in the fact that very few FtMs cam. Any good camming sites for trans people other than Chaturbate?
  8. Princess_xx

    Pets on Stream.

    Hi guys! I'm new to camming and I have a billion questions to ask but I'm trying to do the research myself. I'm struggling to find an answer to, what if my kitten comes into view of my stream? I have a six month old kitten, who it literally attached to my leg. He's a ragdoll and a house cat, so...
  9. Princess_xx

    Pervout Pay!

    Hey guys! I'm new to camming and not too sure if this question has already been asked I've looked through the threads and could see a post regarding my question. Before signing up to Pervout Pay, I'd like to know if they transfer money to UK cam girls? Sorry if it has been asked before, but a...
  10. F

    Chaturbate Noob Model Questions

    Hello all! Brand new webcam model team (we're a couple) who's excited to find a community to bounce ideas off of as we don't have many friends in the cam biz. We just started working on Chaturbate and have a few questions about the platform that we just can't find the answers to on their support...
  11. NymphoFaunna

    First Night -- CB

    I just finished my first broadcast (2 hrs) on Chaturbate. Sadly pulling in a whole whopping 41 tokens. I set a goal using the app, did strip teases, showed off my breasts, butt, and my whole body. I was wondering if any more experienced members had any suggestions for newbies on how to...
  12. Elizabethnoir

    How should i send out my content? help with drop box?

    So im using big cartel to sell photo sets and videos and im not sure what would be the best way to send out my content. Should I just email the customer the photo sets/ videos? what are the draw backs of that? or should I set up drop box and email them a download link? and how do I set up drop...
  13. K

    Camgirls in Belgium

    (I'm not sure if this is the right place to post something like this. If so, I'm terribly sorry. this can be deleted :) ) Hi there! As you might have guessed, I'm a girl from Belgium, Flanders to be more precise, and I'm 20 years old. I want to start camming, but I really want to do my first...
  14. KMAngo

    Help Beginning shows

    Hi I am a 19 year old male model on Chaturbate under the name KMango. I have done more than few shows 50+ so far, I have toys, kitty ears & paws, and cute stuff. I'm fine once I get 30+ people viewing and they tip, but I like to start off with my clothes on and have people tip 10 for my shirt...
  15. alyssamaxim

    New to the game

    hey guys my name is Alyssa and I'm very new to the camming world. I'd love to get some advice and tips from you guys about anything and everything y'all know! Ive been using chaturbate for now but I plan on branching out once I gain a little more popularity. Much love everyone! ❤️ Xoxo