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Nov 22, 2020

I'm here to inform you girls about something EXTREMELY important about OnlyFans!!!!

Been on OF for almost 2+ years. Top under 1% always and this has been how I've supported myself through a shitty family, getting kicked out of my home and homeless all the way to owning my own house, and never having to take abuse from my family again. OnlyFans changed my life but recently, after Bella Thorne's scandal, limiting Tips and PPV really hurt me.

Not only did it hurt me, but my content has been leaked all over the web!!!!! My fans can simply screen record or screenshot their screen, there is NO protection for this!

I get being charged 20%, but even this is too high. They give referrals 5% of girls earnings who referred them, which means I know they profit at 15% and recently confirmed this... now add the fact that if I post OnlyFans ANYWHERE I get shadowbanned!!!!

This platform looks like it was made in the 90's, with all the billions they are worth, you'd think they'd upgrade their shitty platform.

but I have some REALLY good news...

The good news is that there's a group that's been building a competing program focused on OnlyFans mistakes since January and they are about to launch!

I'm currently in their closed beta and I am impressed. I know there is a million OnlyFans competitors coming out but this one is disruptive and here to stay...

They are giving away 15% for life to any girl who signs up for their pre-launch on

They found a way to protect girls from shadowbans, FANS CANNOT screenshot or screen record (only content creators for SFS and Drop marketing), the platform looks and feels like INSTAGRAM so it's WAY better, cleaner and easier to use and they've ELIMINATED all the fake accounts and fraud massively dropping chargebacks and ensuring that you'll never see someone ripping your INSTAGRAM photos, creating a fake account of you and following your followers to dupe them into thinking that it's your OnlyFans only to realize they were SCAMMED.

I am all about education, the more you know the better so here is some facts that girls don't know:

1) There is massive fraud groups all over the world that create thousands of fake account automatically and scrape your images from your social networks to create fake accounts of you on OnlyFans and follow your followers trying to dupe them into wasting money on the fake account and then they steal it. This also results in massive chargebacks which is why OnlyFans had to limit their Tips and PPVs (unlike

2) There is massive money laundering happening on OnlyFans when you create an account as a content creator and by content from yourself. This also turns into massive chargebacks and since blackmarket money laundering is at 30%, they save 10% funneling it through OnlyFans at 20%. This results in tons of fraud, money laundering and lastly CHARGEBACKS which effects ALL GIRLS


BANK LEVEL KYC/AML PROTECTION. The team at ( or check their Telegram: @peachlyap) is known for building financial technology, the same technology used by major Fortune 100-500 companies which trade financial products like stocks, securities, commodities, bonds, cryptocurrencies and much more. Basically, these guys are focused on security on a MAJOR level.

They have integrated a system into Peachly that forces the content creator to authenticate directly through their bank account (not accepting Routing/Account #s which are attached to prepaid credit cards and other forms of banking that do not require IDENTITY verification, this is where all the fake accounts and fraud come from). This simple step ELIMINATES all these issues but costs the platform (Peachly) way more money then OnlyFans because they have to VALIDATE each content creator at a much higher level.

What I've learned is that quality always eventually surpasses quantity and while OnlyFans might be the biggest because they have no protection allowing all sorts of fraud, if you want LONG TERM INCOME, SECURITY and CONTENT PROTECTION, Peachly is the only way to go!

While they are in their PRELAUNCH you can lock in 15% for LIFE and now you even are saving 5% over OnlyFans 20% fee! I hope that this article can educate you girls on some of the pains and problems from OnlyFans and also explain how Peachly is battling them. Educating girls is my goal and this is what WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR..... so make sure to check it out girls....

I love you all!!!!!!
Oct 8, 2020
Hi Xoxolexie,
I'm sorry to hear about your probelms on Onlyfans, hope you solved everything.
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