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  1. Kittyvouchers

    Wishlist with identity protection and low fee -

    The story behind Kitty Vouchers As a video chat model, some friends wanted to send me various gifts. Some of them, more insistent, pressed me to give them an address to send them, and at first I succumbed, but… I went through a lot of situations over the time, starting from receiving various...
  2. pennybabyblue

    How to Split the Money w/ my Cam Partner

    Hi beauties! I am trying to organize a cam show with a friend/fuck buddy kind of thing. I'm wondering how you think I should split the money (sorry I know its an awkward convo but there's nothing too awkward for us models, right :)) that we make. 50/50 seems okay, but since it's my channel...
  3. D

    I'll answer your questions about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc

    Howdy folks, So, I've recently discussed cryptocurrency a bit on ACF and realized that a lot of folks have some burning questions about all this stuff. It's confusing, intimidating, ostensibly over-complicated. Most of the people who try to explain it on the internet are Reddit-dwelling...
  4. M

    How to make fast money and info on games!

    Hi there, I'm new and in desperate need of money. However it's important to know I am NOT only doing this for the money, I do cam stuff in my own time haha I'm all for it! Ive been on there once yesterday and loved it even though I earned nothing. (duo to not understanding tokens and how it...
  5. PrincessLacy

    How long does it take for things to... not suck?

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to camming; today is my 10th day on Chaturbate. I've been modeling for photos and videos for over a year, but only recently decided to get into live camming as well, and for the most part, it's been enjoyable. However, I'm starting to get really concerned about how...
  6. itsfaye

    Deciding on Cam Career

    for those of you who cam full-time and rely on it for your main source of income, how did you decide it was the right choice for you? Was it all money based? Or personality based? Like, you enjoy being your own boss or you enjoy talking to people mainly through a screen or something.
  7. S

    Chaturbate Payments? Taxes as a camgirl?

    So, I am a new Italian camgirl using Chaturbate. I know there are only these methods: * Paxum ($50.00 minimum) * ePayments ($50.00 minimum) * CosmoPayment ($50.00 minimum) * Fedex ($200.00 minimum) * Wire transfer ($500.00 minimum) * Checks (may take 2-4 weeks to arrive) * Direct Deposit (only...
  8. C


    I've been using ePayments with Chaturbate to get my money for a few months now, and my payments have been getting through just fine. However, they keep having problems and temporarily disabling various services. I'm afraid that some day my transfer will get lost out there. Are you guys using...
  9. kupido

    Avoid paying high taxes by creating an LLC???

    Is it smart to create an LLC asap to avoid paying High taxes, or is there a point where it would be wise to do so? I have heard of this from other amateur models and porn creators...but ive heard many mixed information. I haven't yet tried to seek out more information on it until now. The...
  10. Kirby

    MFC girls, have you gotten paid since the last payout?

    Hey, I was just wondering if since the 16th you guys have gotten paid. I haven't and I remember the last time I got paid, it took a long time. But the last time it was a early request, so I'm not sure. Also, my bank is Wellsfargo. Do I need to tell them anything now that I've started camming...
  11. Txbootygirls

    Looking for expericed mod and or sugar daddy / tech help for social media and online sales

    trying to maximise myself and roomates earning potential open to very unique oppourtunies and , want to maximise our potential we are looking for help from anyone who might be looking for some freindly texas webcammers and for tech we are willing
  12. Sunshinexandxsex

    I got 99 problems and making .40 cents on the dollar is my biggest one

    So, please bear with me, what I want to ask may sound absolutely ridiculous, but I am at a loss. I started looking into camming years ago but never had the motivation to do it. I started putting on some free shows for fellow users on a couple of social sites I'm on now, and I enjoy it. Obviously...
  13. JesseBangs

    Halp! Transferring money internationally? Payoneer?? Other options?

    So I have a reg who is tryin to help me buy a new gaming laptop so I can stream in higher quality as well as play games while streaming. Aaaanyways, we tried giftrocket but I made the mistake of using my email associated with my twitter so I'm sure they did a quick google search and shut that...
  14. S

    Helping a model

    Hi, so I’m here to know whether or not it’s okay to help a friend who is a cam model. I met her through SM and we became best friends. She always asked for help with money whenever she couldn’t work because of problems she has from Home (gonna try not to go to specific on what the problems are)...
  15. E

    I got scammed!

    I've been a cam model for Chaturbate for almost half a year now. I first got to know the website by a guy, he said he worked for a Chaturbate agency. I just found out that it was just a group of people that tried to take some profits from the models like me. I did some research of how much...
  16. kitty quinn

    Tax professionals? Who do you ladies go to?

    Okay So i am super nervous for taxes, I havent saved anything I havent even gotten my LLC for my name KittyQuinn... I plan to do this with my next check but I want to talk to a tax pro who works with cam girls. I want to start organizing and saving money and getting ready. Does anyone have a...
  17. MatchAndTalk

    MatchAndTalk - Easy Way To Make Money From Anywhere You Want, Earn Up To $5000

    Join to the 1 million registered user MatchAndTalk world and start to earn right away from anywhere you want! Get your $50 bonus after talking just for 1 hour. You can earn up to $5000 per month. All you need is a device with a camera(laptop, mobile device, tablet) and internet connection. You...
  18. Kelly_Deadly

    Germany // EU

    Hey there! I was wondering of there are by chance any other models from Germany // the EU on here :) Because I have some questions about how you handle different time zones, taxes and so on! For me working in the early morning works best (so evening shifts in PST), because I'm a morning...
  19. ScarlettKixx

    Streammate MFC and Chaturbate

    hi! I'm currently on MFC... but after reading this all morning long and having been on MFC all night only to make 3.75$ I'm happy to look into other sites... I read somewhere that it's better to focus on one site but I don't want to limit my possibilities... And I know building up will take...
  20. fingere1980

    Tokens PURCHASED but Tokens NOT RECEIVED

    Hi everyone, This is a sad post unfortunately. I have been a happy Chaturbate user for a while and in the past weeks I purchased sometimes tokens always with the same card that never gave issues to me or to any performer. On Sunday July 16th I created a new account and I purchased 500 tokens...