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  1. NoraSkyes

    Travel Expenses

    I have an opportunity to meet up with a camgirl I have been getting to know lately to hang out and do shows with but I worry about the expenses. As far as travel and sleep arrangements go, I would have to most likely fly and we plan on staying in a hotel since we will also be attending a...
  2. SkyPrivate

    Win up to 4 Prizes of $1000 each with SkyPrivate

    This year the SkyPrivate team will be present at some of the most prestigious live camming events in Romanian and all around the world. To mark this special occasion in SkyPrivate history we are launching a series of 4 contests for each of the events we will be talking part in. The prize for...
  3. Daphny Meyer

    How much would you pay for this ?

    So, I have a personal website for a while now, about 1 year. I usually post 1 blog post per month and 4 photosets/month and 3 or 4 videos per month. I'm interested more on how much money would you be willing to pay for one month membership ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Petite_Fille

    Domination. Or how you behave with submissives.

    I think many models faced submissives or guys who are addicted to money domination. I have had many of them. Some of them are quite wealthy some have the opposite. Models, how do you make such members addicted to you? What make them stay with you? Do you encourage them or just punish? Members...
  5. mermaidwhit

    200 to 1000 a day through different sites?

    I know it's very much impossible to earn that amount of money from one site alone apparently, so could it be done by basically camming all day long (if you are unemployed like me) through different sites 3 hours each? I know that's sounds like too much but if you really need the money like me...
  6. kitty quinn

    NEW CAM GIRL -How to make decent money

    Hi you guys I started this thread for advice i NEED on starting out! Ive started on my free cams my screen name is Kitty_Quinn and Its really slow. I know Im new and putting time in but how do I get this going. Sometimes Ill be on for hours with only a couple viewers who wont even tip! I do the...
  7. E

    Finance Series on YNOT Cam

    Hi all, Happy Halloween weekend! Let me ruin it with serious talk... We started a new article series re finances on YNOT Cam -- taxes, money management, labor categories/classifications, prepping for the end of the year, etc etc. Stuff that's not sexy, but highly highly important. We have an...
  8. Camgirl22

    How to explain your money or tell you parents about your job?

    I recently had to move back in with my parents. They think I am unemployed. I want to move out but I have no way of explaining how I can afford to.. Any ideas? Has anyone ever told a conservative parent about their work as a cam model? I don't want my mom to be scared, worried or dissapointed...
  9. GenaBeau

    PAY me PAL

    Q: (for those who do this) How do you use paypal securely? Do you have your account set up under your cam name then just transfer it to your personal one? Do you have the paypal card? Do you just transfer it to your bank account even tho it's under a different name? Or do you just not care?
  10. J

    [non-USA people] exchange giftcard for cash/money instantly

    Hello, I find that for USA models there a lot of giftcards variety and different stores to use them (amazon, maybe ebay, lingerie stores,...). And also the possibility to exchange that giftcard money for real money using for example giftrocket. And what about non-USA models. Did you find a...
  11. X

    United Kingdom Chaturbate Payouts? Help!

    I literally just made a post about my first camming day. But now I have a new question. So I ignorantly thought that I would be able to get my payments straight into my bank account. But obviously that isnt the case. What would the best method be for me? Its either cheque, paxum or payoneer...
  12. Aprillovv

    1st Month As A Model; Wondering If My Earnings Are Good Enough?

    Hi lovely ladies, I am a new model, Aprillovv. I have been peeping on this forum for awhile and am super stoked to be part of a community with fellow cam models. :) I have been working part time in a job outside of camming for awhile now that doesn't pay shit and consumes my life. I am at the...
  13. indiebaby

    paypal ???

    hi im a new model and i've been asked a couple time if i had a paypal. should i make one for shows/tips??
  14. G


    I've been a cam girl for about a year now off and on when money is tight, I've only ever worked through websites like chaturbate but now I have other people asking for private shows. There's one guy in particular who seems very interested in making this a regular thing. I'm not sure how much to...
  15. MojitosJourney

    How to Be a Happy Cam Girl

    How to be happy working as a cam model? The answer: STOP using money as your main motivation for camming. Wait, what? Are you crazy? Aren't we here for the tokens? Well, yes, but here is how using tokens as your main motivation can work against you. You make tokens, and feel successful and...
  16. LexyLyn90

    I have a question about dwolla?

    Does anyone know how I can deposit customers money into my dwolla account? The only option right now seems to be to deposit money from my own bank account to dwolla.