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Jul 16, 2017
Hi everyone,

This is a sad post unfortunately. I have been a happy Chaturbate user for a while and in the past weeks I purchased sometimes tokens always with the same card that never gave issues to me or to any performer.

On Sunday July 16th I created a new account and I purchased 500 tokens. The money has been taken from my bank account by the payment provider but no tokens went into my chaturbate account.

Moreover, the system said that I reached the spend limit and that the purchase was refused.

I contacted the support email explaining that the system had a momentary bug and that the money was taken but no tokens in return. They only replied to me utilizing the automatic email template syaing that 'the purchase was refused because of the reached spent limit'.

Thing that is of course not true. No limit reached with an account freshly created just before the purchase AND money taken from my bank.

Funny is that I work for a big company and we handle payments and stuff and I can tell you FOR A FACT that bugs like this happen sometimes. In these cases we always have a way to see if our payment provider actually took the money, we can see when the user created the account and also see the moeny movements connected to the account.

Unfortunately Chaturbate seems to ignore the possibility that something like that can happen, that bugs happen.

I replied to the email explaining again the situation and sending also the screenshot of my online bank statement with date and description to prove the actual money taken from me.

I hope someone will reply and will decide to do something. I am not even asking for my money back, just to get the tokes that I paid for. Otherwise it is just stolen money from my pocket.

Do you have silimar experiences? Any suggestions?

Peace to all.
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