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  1. lilpills

    Unable cashout

    Hello! would be happy to get help in my situation. I have a error when try to cash out tokens on my account : “Unable to cashout. Please contact support if this problem persists.” I already wait for 4 days and have no answer. I can broadcast, get tokens, but can’t send to anyone and cashout...
  2. S

    Buy Snapchat link

    Hi I've been a model on MFC for almost 2 years now and wanted to make some changes to my profile and I noticed some models have a button that say 'buy my sc XX toks' or just stating where they can click to buy it and when clicked, that amount of toks is taken and I would guess you just give them...
  3. CiaoEdieXO

    Token/Tip Menu help?

    Hey guys! I’m so happy I found this forum. I also apologize if this has been posted before. I’m a new cam girl and just got the OK to start broadcasting on MFC. I’ve tried to do some research but I’m completely lost about how to go about creating a tip menu and appropriate token tip amounts for...
  4. N

    MY Chaturbate account KEEPS getting hacked and no one will help me!?!?

    I'm really frustrated... Last week I accidentally was tricked into responding to a phishing email from a scammer who said my Chaturbate account had been hit with 3 strikes and I was to be banned unless i respond with my info, Then once i realized I had sent a photo of myself holding my ID to the...
  5. L

    Help needed

    We are indian broadcasters. I and my partner have completed the performer agreements and also submitted the passport proofs as required. Still the support guys keep on rejecting our request. Is it due to that we are Indians??? Login - lollipopsensation
  6. Kirby

    the hardest part of camming..

    Hey guys! I'm not sure if I've posted yet but I've been lurking for a while. I've been on MFC since the end of april and I've done better than I expected. I'm happy with the outcome and I'm having so much fun. However, I've realized that the hardest part of being a cam girl is that I can't...
  7. TheLostYoutuber

    Chaturbate | How do nickname colors actually work?

    Hi everyone ! I've been messing around with chaturbate for a week now and from what I understood users with grey nickname do not have any tokens. But the thing is that, even if I put the option "Sort user by tokens", it happens quite often that a grey user is above colored users. And also, I...
  8. S

    Minimum cashout on Chaturbate confusion

    I'm confused about this. Do you always have to have 1,000 tokens in order to actually get paid? I'm quitting Chaturbate because of how many technical issues there are and the fact there's no way to permanently block abusive users, or report abusive users that aren't broadcasters. Anyway, I...
  9. couplebeauty

    Chaturbate Income Question

    We are a couple that started camming on chaturbate about a month ago and we would like transfer our tokens to cash for the first time. On the website it states that the pay period ends on the 15th and the money is transferred by the latest on the 22nd. As we live outside of the US, and will...
  10. M

    If I cash out my tokens and deactivate my Chaturbate account will I still receive them?

    I'd like to deactivate my Chaturbate account but I want to make sure i'll still receive my tokens if I do. I would of course cash them out before I deactivated it.
  11. Microbixx-Minibixx

    Sent a wire transfer, never got the tokens.

    Hi all, I've been a CB (very) regular user for 17 months now, I've done many wire transfers for tokens (always upward of 1000$, and over 8'000$ in total), I spend a lot of time on the site and love it, made many friends and been having a lot of fun. This is what happened to me this time ...
  12. JonRainbow

    Moochers & member etiquette

    I was lucky to be part of an amazing session on MFC on Friday but was really suprised at how many moochers/freeloaders there were in the room. At one point there was just under 600 people in the room yet there were probably only 10 of us actually tipping tokens. At one stage there was a goal of...
  13. P

    chaturbate tokens?

    Hi all, I did my first cam today. Just a non nude, have a chat kind of thing for about 45 mins. One of the guys who came in tipped me 70 tokens and was asking me to into private with him. I kindly declined and laughed it off saying i really didn't have much time and that i couldn't but would...
  14. fingere1980

    Tokens PURCHASED but Tokens NOT RECEIVED

    Hi everyone, This is a sad post unfortunately. I have been a happy Chaturbate user for a while and in the past weeks I purchased sometimes tokens always with the same card that never gave issues to me or to any performer. On Sunday July 16th I created a new account and I purchased 500 tokens...
  15. lostboy

    Report: My first 12 days on Chaturbate as a male model

    . I recently started camming and I'm looking for advice, because to be brutally honest I am hoping to make this almost a primary source of income. In 12 days, I cammed on average every day, a few days off, occasionally twice a day and in that time I made:about $230 and got 340-odd followers. I...
  16. G Spot

    How much money can you make on Chaturbate?

    I have a question that a lot of people ask me daily. How much money can you make on Chaturbate? If you cam for 16 hour a week for month what do you think is a realistic ballpark figure you can make with Chaturbate?
  17. W

    SELL MyFreeCams accounts with tokens

    Hello! I sell prepaid accounts for myfreecams. On account of every account from 2000 tokens. Write to me in private messages to receive details. Sincerely, thank you.
  18. I

    New to camming, tip list advice?!

    I've been on cam twice now, each time has been wonderful. However, both times, people ask me how much for different stuff, I was wondering if anyone can help me with average tip amounts for things such as snapchat etc. and maybe help me create a tip list?! I don't wanna overcharge people or...
  19. kitty quinn

    NEW CAM GIRL -How to make decent money

    Hi you guys I started this thread for advice i NEED on starting out! Ive started on my free cams my screen name is Kitty_Quinn and Its really slow. I know Im new and putting time in but how do I get this going. Sometimes Ill be on for hours with only a couple viewers who wont even tip! I do the...
  20. K


    Does anybody know how to get tokens for free. No surveys and B.S like that. Please help