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  1. sspacekittenn

    When to suspect hacked tokens, and what to do?

    Hello everyone! I searched for this, but only found things about generators for MFC, which I don't use. I started camming tonight on Chaturbate- it went great! The only issue I had is my partner, who was watching and modding, alerted me to the idea that someone who was tipping quite a lot...
  2. Sevrin

    MFC Token Purchase Options for Non-US Members

    So I had heard that Amazon didn't add an additional fee for handling foreign exchange like banks do, and thought I would put that to the test last month. I made two consecutive purchases with two different Visa cards. One was a Visa card issued by a Canadian bank, and the other with my Amazon...
  3. L

    Back to the topic of Bitcoins...

    Do models still get heavily asked if they accept bitcoins? Would an automated service that converted BTC into tokens be beneficial to anyone? EG. Someone has BTC, and wants to buy tokens/tip a girl but cant. They send BTC to an automated service with model id/username that converts the BTC to...
  4. Sinderella27

    Question about tokens and count downs

    Just curious how you guys do this on mfc. So if you have a countdown running for a particular act, but also offer other items, example : boob flash 75. Do you put that towards the countdown too if someone tips directly for the boob flash? Thanks :)
  5. Puffin

    61.4% of money spent on MFC is sent to models

    Created a seperate thread to give this more visability. There seems a common misconception that MFC payout 50% because models receive $0.05 per token, however members rarely pay $0.10 for the tokens; even first time premiums can buy 550 tokens for $49.99, that's $0.09 per token. Bigger...
  6. MojitosJourney

    How to Be a Happy Cam Girl

    How to be happy working as a cam model? The answer: STOP using money as your main motivation for camming. Wait, what? Are you crazy? Aren't we here for the tokens? Well, yes, but here is how using tokens as your main motivation can work against you. You make tokens, and feel successful and...
  7. Y

    What Do You Do to Prevent a Slow Room?

    Models, the past few days it's been SO slow for me when I log on. I'm not sure what's going on but it's normally not thissssss slow for me. What do you guys do to prevent a slow room and get your room filling up? (I'm not a cam model where I start off naked and don't plan to either) Any useful...