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  1. C

    ID: ChubbyCatBaby - ID Not Verifying?

    Hi guys, and specifically to Punker Barbie or whoever works at Chaturbate, My verification process has been denied on multiple occasions, and I have submitted multiple photos at different angles, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Can anybody help? Thank you so much
  2. Streamster stream to multiple sites with a minimum processor and traffic usage

    Hi everybody, I am here to represent the new service for the camming industry. We are the restreaming service which allows streaming to multiple sites simultaneously. Unlike other restreaming services, Xtreamer compatible almost with all camming platforms and allows to stream not only RTMP, but...
  3. J

    Chaturbate Account Stolen?? Help!!

    I already emailed chaturbate support but have recieved no reply! It was my first show and I let someone trick me. They convinced me we needed to share passwords to have a private show, then they logged out of my account and switched my email. I spent a lot of time putting out affiliate links...
  4. M


    Recently I started experiencing this problem that when I tried to tip it would say unable to tip. I called but they just insisted I write an email but still haven’t heard back yet. I normally don’t have this problem but I did make a new account because of security reasons now this happened if...
  5. M

    Help. "Unable to send tip please contact Support" comes up if I tip.

    Hello everyone. I have 466 tokens on my account. I have contacted support but they have not replied yet. I did not do anything on my account, I don't cam either. Btw my acc name was the same with my username.
  6. A

    What is diference between studio account and regular account in chaturbate?

    I wanted to know what is difference between studio account and regular account on cb? Can anyone elaborate me here?
  7. CuteCuteEbisu

    SM Support: New Model with Some Problems

    I'm sorry to post this here but I haven't been a member long enough to be able to access the models only forum. I have some questions though! So it's my first week on SM. I had a good first few days but Wednesday and this morning were awful LOL. I dunno if I'm doing something wrong or not. It...
  8. A

    What should be valid description for wire transfer method for webcam model work?

    I would like to know the valid description one should write while withdrawing money via wire transfer method for camming job..As bank may inquire if there is no valid description written while receiving money in bank via wire transfer method.
  9. T

    Help for an exchange! (Paxum gives me nightmares)

    Hi. I'll keep this one short. I think I have done several topics concerning to Paxum and their awful and highly restrictive functioning, stuff with the credit cards and whatnot. I am tired of it. I literally am in desperate need of getting some money out of there. Is literally less than 30...
  10. B

    I cannot age verify

    I cannot age verify because i lost my age verification due to adding a cameraman without age verifying him first. he had a broadcasting account as well we just didn't know how to link him. Tried to age verify him afterwards and it said . ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age...
  11. best1offer

    Chaturbate affiliate - account problem

    Hello @punker barbie, I've been promoting Chaturbate for more than 2 and half years and we both made money together during this time.(I pushed the 20% revshare program) My chaturbate username is: "best1offer" Today when I logged in to see the daily stats I got a error message...
  12. Anas_Moria

    Banned for switching accounts

    Hey @punker barbie ! My Chaturbate name is count_of_count_18 Maybe you remember me... ^^'' Now I´ve got banned again for switching between accounts. It would be very kind of you if you could unban me. I will not switch accounts again.
  13. NicoleValley1

    Chaturbate Account Banned - Sub_NicoleValley

    @punker barbie Hey, My account name on chaturbate is Sub_NicoleValley A friend of mine told me you could possibly help me or give advise on what I should do. We had a power outage while I was broadcasting, and I was waiting for power to come back on. I accidently fell asleep during the outage...
  14. Caroline Keye

    Chaturbate Account Banned - Caroline Keye

    @punker barbie My account name is caroline_keye I've already sent you an email but Perseus told me it would be better to reach out to you on here and I can't seem to send a PM because I'm not super active on this site. I just want my account unbanned as I haven't broken any of chaturbates...
  15. A

    I do not understand why they ask me for a passport?

    hello good day @punker barbie I am the user: danii_and_lauren I have been submitted my documentation for verification of age, I have sent photos of good resolution, with clarity and very good lighting, they are totally clear, I have presented my Colombian citizenship card because I transmit...
  16. MilaRose

    Can We Get A Model Run Custom Site?

    Can we please get a model run custom video site where sellers are protected! If there is one, can I join lol. If anyone is working on one, I would also love to help in any way I can. Us models deserve to have some kind of protection against scamming buyers and injust support on adult platforms...
  17. A

    help in account verification

    hello good day, I'm the user: scarlett_shelby I just sent my documents for age verification, but they ask me for a passport, bear in mind that I am a Colombian citizen and it is from Colombia that I transmit, I sent my Colombian citizenship card certifying that I am legally of age in my...
  18. C

    Can't log in at all

    Hey, I'm kinda new here but I'm having so many issues and I'm also kinda worried. So I tried to log into Chaturbate a fair few weeks ago and found that I couldn't. I mean, this was weird because I have my login stuff saved on there, but it was bouncing me saying that my details were wrong. I...
  19. Aayda_Heart

    MFC's Support Needs An Update!

    I am at the point that I feel like the support team are nothing but a bunch of highschool kids. Never, ever once, have I received any REAL answer from them. When I do get answered, they dodge the question and spit some random fact off their wiki site. My recent issue: I requested...
  20. M

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    It's taboo, I know, but I think that it's important that the models who are ill can find and see what works well for other models who struggle with mental illness. I have PTSD and Major Depression Disorder. With all that, just existing is difficult at times when I feel especially low. Finding...