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  1. B

    Lost Access To 2FA on CB

    I lost my 2FA with backup codes and sent a request to asking for the procedure on how to disable 2FA. I created a Chaturbate affiliate account on 19/09/2022 and promoted the site for over a year, gaining some regular spenders. I have sent my transaction details via email...
  2. JaimiJames

    Account Warnings

    Hello, I experienced a third party ban on xmas with three consecutive warnings and then a ban messaging back to the email each time asking why and what to do not knowing that the hotel tv volume on level 1 was the reason. Day after xmas they said i was warned and gave it back. Since then tv off...
  3. andxx4

    Broadcast suspended / person ineligible.

    Hello @punker barbie hope you having a nice day, on Saturday I was doing c2c with a model when suddenly a friend of mine appeared on my cam by accident and I was suspended to broadcast. I actually verify her ID in order to be available to broadcast again but when I go to the broadcast...
  4. K

    "not eligible" on ID page / suspended

    Hi, there. My streaming was suspended about 5 minutes after I started my first stream. I thought it may have been due to my friend showing up on cam for a moment while helping with a tech issue so we went in and added him to the account. His information was approved and he now shows as age...
  5. Jessynelson

    Unable to convert token to cash, frozen tokens

    Hi! Can you help me to solve this problem @punker barbie ? I wrote a post here last week ( wednesday ) I cannot convert tokens to cash from last wednesday, my tokens are still frozen. I wrote to the support 3 times, didn’t get any answer... I need my money as soon as possible. I can receive...
  6. K

    Account Suspended

    Good Morning! My account has been suspended ( Username: Kaylalaine ). I ve been trying to reach out for support but with no response. My account has been suspended without anything happening. Can you please provide a little support towards the problem? I have had this situation going on for...
  7. K

    Account Suspended

    Heyyyy!!! I am posting as I have a little problem with my account. My ability to broadcast has been suspended and support does not respond. After doing my research a little I figured out that my friend got on my account by mistake. I have uploaded and verified her identity over my account in...
  8. B

    Cashout Problem

    Good Morning! Hello @punker barbie , I am reaching you in order to address a problem towards my account. I am unable to cash out and the support does not reply. Can you please provide a little support towards the problem? Thank you very muchhhhhh!!!!
  9. K

    Account banned with no reason

    Good Morning! Hey @punker barbie , I am reaching you and this forum in order to address a problem towards my account. Mid stream it has been banned with no reason at all....I was streaming and in the middle of the stream i got banned! No reason, no warning, doing nothing, just existing on the...
  10. L

    Unresolved Account Issue for Three Weeks

    Good night! I'm writing to you to let you know of a very serious issue with my account. I have been trying to resolve a problem with my account for more than three weeks by contacting support. n addition to being unable to cash out, my promo button has vanished. They react very slowly, and...
  11. B

    Cash-out problem no response

    Hello and good evening! I'm contacting you in order to resolve a major issue with my account. For over three weeks, I attempted to resolve a problem with my account by contacting support. I am unable to cash out, and my promotional button has vanished. They react slowly, and when they do...
  12. L

    Camgirls with CPTSD

    Hello girls. I have complex ptsd and every time something triggers me I literally can't work and enter freeze mode. I would like to have a support online friend with cptsd and camgirl/cam boy.
  13. V

    Studio Account Banned

    Hey!! I am facing a pretty tough situation atm, the studio account has been banned out of nowhere. Nothing happened and out of the bloom the studio account (fancy_studio11) has been banned. Besides the fact that it happened at the very end of the period and there is some revenue frozen into...
  14. SexxxyTaylor

    Banned for 1 day turned into a whole week? Makes no sense, please help!?

    Yesterday, on Streamate I received a warning notice for "unacceptable behavior" which firstly, is very vague. I contacted support & they replied with a 1 day timeout. Of course I wanted to gain some clarity on what what was unacceptable about my behavior so I contacted support with a longer...
  15. J

    Account banned after age verification

    Hey! @punker barbie My CB username is: justhorny15 I'm also one of what seems to be many who's account got banned after submitting ID with the new age verification. It happened to me this month, roughly 10 days ago now. It's says that I violated terms of service which I haven't done! I had to...
  16. M

    Banned and issue still not resolved

    Long story short: So my account has been banned because of a miscommunication when chatting with a good model friend. I've been talking to her for a while and we always joke to each other. So she asked about my age and I said im not an adult as a joke (ofcourse i am I was just having a laugh). I...
  17. R

    I cannot stream but otherwise im already verifyed

    Hello guys! i hope someone can help me out with this issue :( i really have to work, but got this site message. my current ID is still already active, and did not expired yet, becasue it i will be expired in 2023 May, but otherwise SM, still request me to verify myself again, otherwise i did...
  18. R

    Banned for no reason

    Hello dear support! my account somehow is banned for no reason, and im pretty sure about that i been never violated any rule of the system! i contacted support, but i did not get back any automated response. Maybe is becasue of the i did not used gmail? please help me @punker barbie...
  19. J


    @punker barbie could you please help me my account has been banned. I’ve been with cb for 5 years!!! Thanks for your help Username : jamesleandean
  20. A

    Struggling for a response from CB support

    Hi, I am unable to tip and message, I've contacted support they did reply but they have not resolved the issue. It has now been multiple days since they last replied to me and I am still unable to tip or chat I've seen that maybe you could help me @punker barbie My account name is ajh199999