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  1. L

    Didn't receive payment

    Hello @punker barbie ! Once again I'm here asking for your help with chaturbate support. I already have an active case since 23rd March and didn't receive an answer yet. My account got banned on 16th March and after talking to support got unbanned again on 19th March. Now I had a good...
  2. Count_of_Count

    flooded with tokens - banned

    Hello! I am coming to you in a time of great need, lol. It´s kinda serious. In short: some guy named 10black sends me large amounts of token regulary. Sometimes 2000, sometimes 1000 and so on. Then I was worried, of course. I had a ticket and the support was very helpful and clear with their...
  3. L

    New account banned

    my account is banned, I have not broken any rules, I wrote to support and they ignore me, @punker barbie barbie could you help me please. my account is: Lorenafisher Thanks
  4. N

    Chaturbate Affiliate Account Banned After 8 Years Promoting Them

    Hello everybody. First of all, I am sorry that I came up to this forum like this just to ask for help, but to be honest I do a bit devastated. I was told to do so, that someone can help me out. @punker barbie - I would really appreciate your help. Just to be clear I want in no way to harm...
  5. M

    Help me get my account back please

    Hello I accidentally had smoked my cbd in the background and had gotten banned for it. I apologize and will proceed to follow the guidelines. Thank you for your survive Countrymixedboy8 is my username. Thanks.
  6. Harmhorny

    Account banned but age verified, can’t access account! Can someone be of assistance !

    I keep getting the same message : The person you submitted ID for was already approved on this account. If you are replacing an existing ID with a newer ID, please let us know. Support will not be of assistance to help resolve this issue. Username: Harmhorny
  7. osdal05

    Help with an account 18631238

    Hi @punker barbie I have a banned account, we still do not know why, could you help us? To know if something can be done about it or at least for future models do not repeat the same error, I thank you for your help :) ♥ User: robert_felton Ticket: 18631238
  8. G

    Age Verification Help - Support #18588990

    @punker barbie I'm writing this on behalf of a friend who recently uploaded a new version of her passport to CB. Her native language is Spanish and so i'm translating the issue for her here. It is an official passport which is government issued. This is the same type of document that was...
  9. ryanclb1230

    Chaturbate refund

    Theres be wrong purchase package in my account for 4050 tokens that i didnt recognize, i try to contact support in chaturbate but without answers for a refund username ryanclb1230 Can someone please help me @punker barbie
  10. A

    Не удается обналичить

    “Unable to cashout. Contact support if the problem continues.” @punker barbie Help me please. My request 18220695
  11. G

    Payment Being Held

    Hey all, relatively new model on Chaturbate (username: gogoblingo). I got an email from support today saying my account was being held due the the payee not being verified. I am verified, so I reverified my account and reentered my banking/beneficiary info. Emailed support and Shirley both...
  12. L

    Account banned for no reason

    Hello, Im a model from Colombia. Chaturbate has always meant the world to me because it has helped me meet my goals, my dreams, and more importantly, thanks to Cb I have stability in my life. I love all of my supporters and I always give my best in every show. Unfortunately 11 days ago I was...
  13. A

    Studio account banned = permanent ban from CB??

    Hello @punker barbie and everybody. I wanted to share a story about a problem that me and some other models have recently encountered. I used to work for a studio, which went defunct at the end of February, due to some legal trouble concerning its organizers. Some time later I found out that...
  14. K

    Account ban

    Good day! My account: Katrin_girl I have a question about the ban of my account. 22.04.2021 21:47 (UTC) I received the message from the administration of the Chaturbate. There was said that there was some suspicious traffic in my room. I clicked I have read and understood. So I even did not...
  15. C

    Banned account from CB

    Good day username: cumshot_1986 I had the account from 5 years and broadcast in regular basis . An too bought some tokens sometimes. I dont had any issue until some people tip me 750 tks or more in a day. some days ago i banned from chaturbate and contact the support for know the reasons and...
  16. Ppppppppooopppo

    Chaturbate support

    Please help me, I worked just for 2 days and after I found photos and videos on another sites I really started to panic and now every day I am trying to delete every my photo or video that I found. I have just a few sites left, and I decided to write to chaturbate support, but I really don’t...
  17. andxx4

    [Chaturbate] 16999795 - Re: Declined verification

    Hello I’m a studio account and i tried to verify a girl verification, first it got rejected due to bad photos, then I resubmitted a better photos of the ID and for banned telling me I’ve violated TOS nothing else, I contacted support with no luck @punker barbie can you please help me with that...
  18. D

    Is there actually a camsite that almost everyone loves the support team for?

    Alternative title: Is there a camsite whose support is equivalent to the "Chick-Fil-A" of the sexcam world? (I can't help it, I'm hungry... and mmm... waffle fries... :think:) Context: I feel like at this point, between CB, MFC, Streamate, Bonga, Imlive, Stripchat, Livejasmin, etc. etc. I've...
  19. G

    Help Resolve Account Ban

    Hello at @punker barbie I am trying to get my account: thefear20, unbanned. I have been an active member since 2016 and had a similar occurrence happen back in June 2017. I've been streaming ever since without indecent until Jan 9th 2021. Assistance with this matter would be greatly...
  20. C

    ID: ChubbyCatBaby - ID Not Verifying?

    Hi guys, and specifically to Punker Barbie or whoever works at Chaturbate, My verification process has been denied on multiple occasions, and I have submitted multiple photos at different angles, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Can anybody help? Thank you so much