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  1. B

    Berryxberry BANNED ACCOUNT [Chaturbate] 18299938 SEPT 24 NO RESPONSE

    Hi @punker barbie I need your help, beg you. My username is berryxberry, I want to work I LOVE the page and my users please help me. Got banned on September 24 since then haven't got a response, sent many emails but still no response. Please if there is something you can do I will do whatever...
  2. M

    I can't reactivate my account!

    Hello Dear @punker barbie ! At Aug 28. Someone tried to hack my account. Support alrted me about this situation. And then my account is being blocked right now. Support sent to me an e-mail about to request myself, by sending a picture about my ID + face and a piece of paper on writed these...
  3. A

    Unlock a studio account with more than 1000 models

    Hello dear Shirley @punker barbie! I was texting you, but I didn't get an answer, so I'm trying to find you here. I am AlisaMay. My studio account: . Tickets with case concerning this account are 17429642, 17439258, 17462906, 17485180. I write to you because I...
  4. A

    Studio account banned = permanent ban from CB??

    Hello @punker barbie and everybody. I wanted to share a story about a problem that me and some other models have recently encountered. I used to work for a studio, which went defunct at the end of February, due to some legal trouble concerning its organizers. Some time later I found out that...
  5. uzhvecher

    Models asking regulars to create new accounts

    I can already guess how the CB affiliate sites themselves will feel about this, but what is stopping a model from convincing a regular user to create a new account using her affiliate link, with that convincing coming in the form of a password show, or an exclusive video, or something in...
  6. jakycola

    Banned Account - I didn't even stream.

    Hey friends, Hey @punker barbie , Hey Support, u/JakyCola (NO "C" in Jacky!) ticket-ID: #17186721 (support not answering) -Registered aprox. a year ago, frequently used Decided to start streaming last week: -Verified with my German ID, had multiple problems (Back side, Face not...
  7. B

    account ban

    i’ve been banned about 2 years ago i think and i was wondering if there is a way i can find out who im following on that account, i’m not asking to be unbanned but that would make it easier. can you help me Punker Barbie? username: bhaawt
  8. M

    Account banned for incorrect information

    So I went to broadcast last night and in the middle of my broadcasting my account was Banned for the following reason, " using an overly sized toy ". I'm only 5ft and it may have looked oversized but when I signed up with CB I took my time to read the rules and my toy meets the guidelines of a...
  9. M

    Re-creation of Chaturbate account

    Hello everyone! Have anybody re-created the account before with the same ID card? If yes, please give me some information on it
  10. J

    Chaturbate Account Stolen?? Help!!

    I already emailed chaturbate support but have recieved no reply! It was my first show and I let someone trick me. They convinced me we needed to share passwords to have a private show, then they logged out of my account and switched my email. I spent a lot of time putting out affiliate links...
  11. I

    My Account Was Banned

    Hello community, my account iamtheproblemsolver was banned on Chaturbate this morning.I have created this account today and bought tokens. After spending some tokens on a broadcaster and opening my cam, so she should C2C with me, I got banned. I already have sent a scan of my ID and myself to...
  12. T

    Account Banned

    Hey guys! My account "thepetitesophie" Got banned unfairly. I never broadcasted there. And I uploaded my ID's which have been accepted in other accounts without issues. Would you mind checking that out and helping me. Thanks!
  13. C

    Account Banned

    Hey there @punkerbarbie My account got banned when I was broadcasting alone as a solo man, and I was verified. So it was weird. I would love if you could look back into it. My username is "carlosboy26". Hopefully you can help me. Thanks
  14. S

    Could I work for Chaturbate if I have been banned?

    Hey ladies! I'm new here, glad to be in the community lol. Anyways... I created an account on Chaturbate, but didn't get verified due to me having to update my license. So, I broadcasted for free for fun and briefly showed my boy toy and got banned. I realize it's against their policy, so it's...
  15. Lorena Brink

    Question: App Permissions on Dual Sim phones.

    I'm about to buy a Dual Sim phone (Android) so I have 1 sim for personal use and 1 for this work. I know you can bind each app to a specific sim card but one thing stays unclear to me and I hope someone in here can answer this to me, out of experience: Let's say I want to install Instagram. I...
  16. fingere1980

    Tokens PURCHASED but Tokens NOT RECEIVED

    Hi everyone, This is a sad post unfortunately. I have been a happy Chaturbate user for a while and in the past weeks I purchased sometimes tokens always with the same card that never gave issues to me or to any performer. On Sunday July 16th I created a new account and I purchased 500 tokens...
  17. Kinky_Kity

    Chatrubate account terminated

    Seem I have been banned from CB and have been contacting support to find out why but seems it's going no where regarding to find out what the reason why banned/terminated and what I have violated in their terms and conditions. Is there anyone else I can contact to investigate and may be try to...
  18. romie


    Work Streamate Live in Australia Don't have an account Will be doing online How do you lodge this work and the payments?
  19. lostboy

    My VERIFIED Chaturbate account got banned

    I recently age-verified an account (in a pretty tedious and painstaking process, I might add). The problem is that I had an account before that from the same IP that i didn't verify and which got banned. To temporarily fix this I was using a private window in Firefox which doesn't store cookies...
  20. A

    Streamate - photoshopped violation

    Hi ladies! :h: I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. I'm a new member to ACF, and new to camming - started 2 months ago with Streamate. Background: About a month ago, I started getting a suspension each week for below-the-waist nudity in Free Chat. I was perplexed, thinking maybe I accidentally flashed in...