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Post orgasm response

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Oct 13, 2011
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After you have sex or masturbate, how do you feel? Sleepy or energized?
I have a friend who doesn't like to have sex at night because she gets wired and can't sleep. When she needs to get a lot done at home during the day she'll masturbate to get energized.
Anyone else have that response? Is this a "depends on what's going on" type thing?
Did you know when men orgasm they actually have some biological response that makes them sleepy?

Sorry if I'm mansplaining your own body to you. Just think it's one of those things more people should know. Would stop more arguments I reckon haha.

Women don't have it though, so depends on what time of the day it is and how I'm feeling anyway. Probably more energised than sleepy tho. Imagine camming if it made us sleepy haha, wouldn't get much done.
Did you know when men orgasm they actually have some biological response that makes them sleepy?
Women don't have it though
Probably nature's way of saying "give him sex so he falls asleep so you can actually get something done" 🤭

But seriously, I get peckish and my tinnitus increases (blood rush probably), but I never had much of an urge to roll over and fall asleep. Wired wrong, probably.
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I get both. Sometimes I get wired, other times I roll over and fall asleep. Most common for me is the fall asleep reaction, but the wired reaction happens about 30-40% of the time. I also have ADHD and the rush of dopamine from a true orgasm can be addicting, as it helps me to concentrate better, and think clearer for a short amount of time afterwards also.
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