Questions and concerns with a part of my cam modeling..

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Aug 9, 2016
Alrighty, hey everyone! I'm a cam model on Chaturbate and I'll be signing up to try MFC soon. I have a couple people on Chaturbate who have been asking me to sell something and I've seen other models sell this as well.
Worn panties.
I'm all up for this, but I have a few concerns.
One, I'm 20 and I don't really send any packages. How do I even send a package? How many stamps do I need? How much usually do stamps cost? Do I need to put my return address on the package? My apartment building is very safe, so is it safe for me to use my real return address but with my cam name?
I'm a bit of a worry type of person, so I want to make sure I'm safe doing this. Am I breaking any laws? What do I put on a shipping label? How do I even go about shipping a pair of my underwear???
I've never sent anything like this to anyone from my camming job ever, so I'm really lost, but I really want to do this because one, I'll bring more customers in and two, I need the money.
Help is greatly appreciated!


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Dec 29, 2014
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My apartment building is very safe, so is it safe for me to use my real return address but with my cam name?
No no no no no no no. Just because your building is safe, does not mean it will protect you and your physical safety from potential harmful threats.

As for sending things out, sending out items a few towns over can help, but even with that, the package or parcel will be marked from whatever location it came from. If you are not up front with your audience about which state or area you are from, this can cause trouble.

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