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Reclaim ownership of an account.

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Jan 22, 2023
Hello all !

My request will probably not have a positive outcome because I already know Chaturbate's position on this subject, but I'm giving it a try.

Is there an honest way to reclaim ownership of an account opened by a Colombian studio and give it to its model?

It's been over a year since I formed a real friendship with a Colombian camgirl...

When I met her, she was just starting on the platform. She began this job in a Colombian studio. (I won't explain how these rotten systems work, you know...)

Her goal was to earn enough money to have her own equipment and become an independent model.

After six months of real effort, close to her goal, the studio realized that she wanted to leave and fired her before she had earned enough and before she could communicate the change to her followers. I helped her a bit, and she managed to get by. But she had several strokes of bad luck and made some bad decisions...

To the point where she returned (to my great dismay) to knock on the door of the studio that had fired her to work again on her old account, which was two months ago.

Against all odds, the studio accepted. They reactivated the access because they had "lost" (deleted?) them, and she resumed work. Still with the goal of becoming independent after catching up on some debts... and at the end of the month, the studio wasn't fooled, and she was thanked again with some "penalties" deducted from her pay. She more or less worked for nothing during that month...

She and I know perfectly well that Chaturbate refuses to return ownership of an account to its model when they have worked for a studio. Chaturbate maintains this dubious business of studios under the pretext that the model knows what they are getting into when they enter this system.

However, this system is sometimes the only starting solution for a model. My friend didn't choose to work for a studio; it was a necessary step for her.

She is now in a really complicated economic situation.

I am geographically too far from her to help her on-site, and there is no question of me helping her financially, as it would be too unpredictable and completely foolish...

So, if there's a tiny chance of being able to give her ownership of this account that is destined to be lost for everyone (for her, for the studio, and for Chaturbate), I hope to find it here...

thank in advance,
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There isn't a way she will get the account detached from the studio, unless the studio writes a request to support about it.

when an account is attached to a studio, then that's just how it is, now some studios will agree to sell the account to the model, but this is VERY rare from what I see.

Her best bet of starting over is preparing her regulars that she will swap account, be prepared and make the swap to a new account (IF she is not stuck in some contract that does not allow her to do this X amount of months/years after being released by the studio, this is important that she knows her contract with the studio!!) and then try contact support at the e-mail to see if she can get a "New tag" on her account as she's now a independent model (this has been successful several times from my experience)

This is of course not an official advice from CB, but purely from my personal experience around these things.
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Thank you for this response. But I'm not sure I understand, are there specific accounts for studios???

You talk about preparing her regular viewers for the change... that was the idea, but the circumstances made it impossible. She got fired from the studio before she could do that. And she would have only had one chance to do it, one show for that. Forbidden to share to external networks outside the studio under penalty of a fine: $80 US per violation. Financially, she had to stay discreet until she could get back on her feet.

One day in private message, by mistake, I called her by her real name. The studio was watching private messages. They deduced that she had broken the rules, and she had to pay... yes, it's that bad...

For a small model, $80 US is often more than what they earn in 8 hours of streaming in these abhorrent factories that already take 50% of the money from CB before paying the model...
During the last month she spent in the studio, she was literally scammed. They almost asked her for money before kicking her out...

But what I don't understand is that to have a CB account, you need to confirm your identity with a passport or something, right? So, technically, unless I'm mistaken, the account is linked to her identity and not to the studio... The only possession of the studio is the registration email and the specific access code to the account, right?

From my point of view, she is the owner of the account from a legal perspective, isn't she?

I don't understand how Chaturbate can support this kind of system... it's supporting modern slavery...
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The model should know what arrangement she agreed to with her former studio. Whether or not she retains rights to her account depends on the employment agreement she signed with them.

This is really between her and her former studio. And even if CB chose to intervene (doubtful), they’re 100% not going to do it through an intermediary such as a member or “friend,” for privacy reasons.
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@Wuggie , You talk about a contract. I just asked her about it. There is none. She has never signed anything. Everything is based on verbal agreements.

@Smoothie ,
I just learned that there is no contract. Of course, I fully understand the need for confidentiality. My goal here is to find leads to help find a solution, to find a contact that could directly handle this matter with her. It is obvious that I cannot take official steps on her behalf. I am simply trying to find her an entry point so that she can make a request with the best possible chance on her side.
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If I could get a contact person who would be willing to consider this request as if she had been a victim of a simple hacking of her account with access codes and email changed...

If no written agreement exists, the only proof of ownership of her account is her identification papers. Identification that Chaturbate can verify without any problem, right?

If this type of contact is possible, please communicate it in a private message. The goal is to help a friend, not to bring down a studio. As disgusting as this concept may be, it allows other models to survive, and the aim is not to worsen already precarious situations...
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There may even be a second proof of ownership that could work in her favor... The CB biography on this account is customized, and I am the author of it...
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If she has made the account herself, she has at the time of signing up, agreed that it's made under the studio account (Picture for reference how it looks when you signup with a studio)

To call this modern slavery is a HUGE push.. CB has this in place as an OPTION, you make the agreement with the studio, and CB has the tools in their toolbox to allow easier management of it.. it's that simple - I can agree this sounds like a shitty studio she works for, sadly there are a lot of those out there.

For calling an account hacked, I Would not go there, she has clearly streamed on this account for a longer time, it is a studio attached account, you can't just "Hack" that, if you do not sign up from day 1 with the studio (like the picture references) you will have to take a new ID picture, with your ID in a specific position, the name of your account, the date of the request and a random work support picks, together with your face... she has agreed to having this account under the studio in some way!

The studio have to agree to release this account if she wants to have it!

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Those studio accounts are sub accounts linked to a master studio account that automatically transfers their earnings every night.

She's not getting that account and I'm going to assume that based on what you have said she probably doesn't have much followers to begin with.

A 100 dollar refurbished desktop tower that has a i5-7500 processor in it is fine to.broadcast on CB then she just needs a cheap monitor, webcam, maybe some additional lighting, lush, decent upload internet, etc.

The studio she's working at probably isn't that bad if they caught on to your PM. There are studios that will train her by having her watch some videos then throw her in a room the size of a closet and provide no further help unless she earns well.
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Thank you for all this informations.

I was unaware that "studio" accounts existed. I now understand certain things much better...

@Wuggie, I admit that "slavery" is indeed a bit exaggerated. I completely understand that the majority of studios are honest. But in the case of this specific studio, I stand by the word.

An internal policy that imposes 8 hours a day, 6/7 days a week, penalizes absences, and restricts communication with the outside world (while allowing models to communicate on their networks could bring a larger clientele...) And I'm not even mentioning all the details...

When my friend chose to return to this studio, I had a severe argument with her in her messages. To the point that she almost completely ignored me during the entire month she spent there... She discreetly came back with a small "you were right"... But that's not the issue...

Regarding the hacking, I know it's obviously not credible and not a defendable argument. I was merely comparing how the problem could have been treated similarly...

@cbhours, during the first six months, she reached 10,000 followers. I understand that this may not be particularly exceptional, just the average progression of a regular camgirl, but it still counts.

However, as I mentioned in my first message, she had various misfortunes that prevented her from replicating this success once she left the studio.

She has the equipment to do it independently, but economically, she has too few followers because she had periods where she was unable to stream. This affected the algorithm and she went into debt trying to relaunch herself. That's why she wanted to return to the studio, to reunite with a community she had built and hope that it would work with a 10,000 followers account after 9 months off... And well, the results were very encouraging. But the studio decided otherwise...

@Wuggie, it's been almost a year and a half since her registration, I will check with her if she remembers something similar...
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@Wuggie, Evantually, does Chaturbate have any prerequisites? Like a charter for the proper treatment of models? A charter that must be followed under the risk of losing the license? If so, could this potentially be a line of defense?

What kind of leverage could be used against an unscrupulous studio to make them give up an account?

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me.
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Give up hope of getting that account back.
First, CB will only have dealings with the account owner (in this case, the studio). Nothing you or the model can do to influence them otherwise.
Second, models employed by studios do not have any entitlement to the account; studios can at their discretion choose to release a studio account, but as they fired the model when they learned she planned to go indie, that's not a likely outcome in this case.
[All of this is set out in the CB ToS]
Focus instead on supporting this model as an independent broadcaster, tip well and from her menu.
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@a0rock_ We can agree it's a bad studio, there are PLENTY of those to go around by the way.. There is no proper treatment clause of the models from CBs side for a studio, this is not part of their job description really.
CB is merely a tool to broadcast, what goes on between a model and her studio, is up to them and the country they are in.. it's an important thing to look at CB only as a tool.

As @rockin_rod said, give up hope on getting that account back, it will not happen, the studio CLEARLY does not want to play ball here, and that is the ONLY way of ever getting it handed over..
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An internal policy that imposes 8 hours a day, 6/7 days a week, penalizes absences, and restricts communication with the outside world (while allowing models to communicate on their networks could bring a larger clientele...) And I'm not even mentioning all the details...
All of that is fairly standard, the communication restrictions suck but some studios do that to protect their investments. I prefer studios that allow models to have their own social media accounts but restrictions like that aren't uncommon.
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