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Get an account for to change studio

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Mar 2, 2024
Hello there !

I'm coming to you to help a model friend on Chaturbate. She doesn't speak English and is also a little lost.

The story is simple. She has been working as a model for 6 months through a studio. This studio is moving to the other side of the city. Very far. So, it's very complicated for her to continue with them.
So she found a closer studio. Her account is linked to the studio she is leaving. I point out that she is on good terms with them and that she has not signed any clause that blocks her if she leaves.
She has worked hard to acquire her followers and would like, if possible, to transfer them to her new employer.
If this is feasible, what is the procedure to do it properly?
And if that's impossible, how can she recreate an account without being suspended by Chaturbate?
She always respected the rules since she started working and she wants to continue.

I point out that she really needs this job as a single mother.

Thank you in advance for your enlightened help 🙏
Hi! Yes, if you really want to help her, in addition to tipping her, be sure to tell her about this forum. That way, she can join this great community, and benefit from the knowledge and experience from fellow models. 🙂
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