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Jul 12, 2019
Hello everyone.
I'm an affiliate with Chaturbate, my CB username is the same as my ACF username.

So I've been getting paid via wire transfer without any issues to the same bank account for more than 5 years and I never changed my payout info.
Suddenly, at some point in October, my payments started getting returned to CB, apparently there was something wrong with their wire provider.
After my payments kept failing for a while, I started requesting support to send me my earnings via manual SEPA/EFT transfers instead, which they did, and it worked.
So, they successfully sent me my 16-30 September earnings on October 24th via SEPA/EFT and then they successfully sent me my 1-15 and 16-31 October earnings as a single SEPA transfer on November 3rd.
Huge delays there, but at least I got paid and I knew SEPA worked and it would be a solution for the time being, even if I had to request a manual payout every time.

Now, here's the current issue.
After the end of the 1-15 Nov period, I requested a SEPA/EFT transfer for that period, support said they sent it, I waited for days and then I got notified that it was returned.
Then they tried to send it again and it failed again. Then, on November 30th I received an automatic email from support saying that they were retrying to send a SEPA/EFT transfer of my 1-15 November earnings (for the third time). I haven't received that one yet, and I don't even know if the email's info was accurate. At this time, the second period of November also ended and I am owed both payouts. And of course, I've reached out to support multiple times.

I've talked to my bank's representatives repeatedly and they repeatedly confirmed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my bank account.
In the meantime, I looked at my payout information page and I noticed it said that my payout info had been modified on November 3rd 2023, even though I hadn't touched it.
Thankfully, from what I saw on that page, my saved bank account wasn't changed, but the modification date just wasn't right.
That probably means that someone from support made some kind of change to my payout information, which might be preventing my payments from being sent out properly. This is just an assumption, but it does have to be checked.

I am only interested in getting my payments to my bank rather than using any of the other payment methods.
So at this time, I just need someone to take this seriously so I can receive my payments, or at least tell me if there's anything I can do to make that happen.

I would be more than grateful if anyone could help with this matter, @punker barbie or anyone else.

Thank you so much in advance!
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