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Maybe it's just my connection (rain all week=ISP having issues), but their website won't load anymore, their Twitter hasn't been updated since Oct.

Pretty sure another bites the dust. 😬
Jan 5, 2021
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@Mila_ ,

Thank you for your feedback! For our beta bounty, we're only inviting 100 performers in our network or who are a friend of network. The group project feel won't be there for the beta but I can certainly see that being a potential issue when we go live. Each performer will be given a link so we'll know who's driving traffic and who's not. Depending on how the performer community feels about performers not driving traffic ("lowering the grade") we could do probationary periods, limit how many bundles you can submit for, etc. I'd love your opinion about what you think would be fair if we find performers not putting in the effort but once again, this won't be an issue for some time. It would be nice to get in front of though! Thanks again.

Another suggestion may be to separate groups based on the model's popularity. For example, models with 100 followers (x amount give or take) are put in the same group as models with a similar number of followers. A concept like that, but you can change the way in which you decide on the status.

I do also think that Mila_ suggestion was quite creative and reasonable.

I think one of your greatest difficulties is going to be explaining the concept. It's simple enough to do on a forum as questions/answers are back and forth. But it's going to be easy to lose potential conversions on a larger scale of promo. It may be a good suggestion to get a short, simple, but catchy demonstration video.

Good feedback though, and interesting concept. Good luck! 👍