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Support For Chronically Ill Swers and spiritual support

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May 25, 2022
I have been a stripper and cam girl for 8 years. One of the reasons I entered the industry is because I suffer with chronic illness. It was the only industry I would make my own schedule and accumulate tons of money in a short amount of time. If I suddenly became ill, I could take off weeks of work and when I returned accumulate what I needed in just a few days. Which was why I wanted to work in the adult industry.

In this group we will be

Connecting with other people around the world in the adult entertainment industry who suffer from being chronically ill or having disability.

I will be sharing techniques and advice that worked for me in easing symptoms.

I'm a huge supporter of holistic healing methods, however all healing methods are open for discussion, and I support everyone's truths.

I will be sharing My advice for staying financially ahead while suffering from illness.

Group members can share advice and support to one another.

The group sessions last 2 hours minutes It is on Jul7 10th 7pm-10pm edt, on zoom if you want an invite dm me.

*What has been discussed in the group is not a replacement for medical treatment.

Also, I am starting Weekly zoom meet ups for spiritual support for swers!

I'm known in real life by the name Megan but on my Digital Temple I transform into Priestess Thalia!

Temple Of a Goddess is a place for swers such as strippers, escorts, cam girl and porn stars to have a place to practice spiritualty, pray, and have mental health support. Here they will not be judged of turned away from spirituality because of what they have to do to survive.

Every week we will be holding group sessions on zoom. The links are in our fb group!

I hope to see you there so we can manifest Temple of a Goddess into something big and help heal more people! I am eventually planning on building an app for the temple. dm me if you want a link to that to.

-Love Priestess Thalia