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The new age verification system does not detect the truth. (BAN)

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Dec 6, 2022
Dear Chaturbate Team,

my account was closed even though I uploaded my real IDs to the system. please I want a solution now. I have requested help from support many times. and I am trying to make my voice heard on this platform. I am not the only one here. I have many model friends who have the same problem.

I was publishing on your site for about 9 years without any problems. On 04 DEC 2022, due to the new identity verification system Jumio transition warning, I encountered an error while uploading my unexpired passport registered in the system to the new system, and then I realized that my account was banned.
Please help unban my account. I can also go through the verification system again. If you still have any questions, I am ready to prepare and share everything needed.

Waiting for your response

Thank you very much.


@punker barbie
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I was banned in October and this is the date and I still don't get answers, they just send the message that we believe you have violated our rules
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