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Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

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Cam Model
Mar 5, 2020
I can be a total sarcastic asshole on cam, and everytime a member asks where I am from, I tell them DuLoc usually or some place in a Disney movie.

I love it when a new member gets my reference and chimes back with “such a perfect town, please keep off of the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your… face.” Or something Shrek related.

So for me, I love it when members have a sense of humor! Especially since I love Shrek!
Nov 12, 2017
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I just want to say I love it when a model will make a random, funny comment based on what a user has asked/said.
For an example (this happened, she has fantastic humour):

User: What size shoe are you?
Model: Why?
Model: I am not going to give you my shoes to borrow.

This is her sense of humour and it's funny I think, she didn't say it in a way to be rude, it was purely for fun.
Unfortunately, some guys just don't seem to get that so they run away lol.


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Dec 1, 2018
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As above, whenI get askedw hat my bra size is I often respond with...

"Oh, you are going bra shopping for me? Thats so nice! I have preselected the right sizes on my amazon wishlist already, find the link in bio! Thank you so much, you are too good to me!"
Dec 27, 2020
I like real conversation. When I as a member try to communicate something which is different from the usual BS (of course debatable) and the model has the time and inclination to react in a non-BS way (also debatable) I have a lot of fun and tip some tips. Not always possible for the model I know because there is not always time but reaction to what happens generally I find attractive.

Also respect. I thought about this a lot and while you usually come from the "other" side in terms of respect, meaning respect payed to the model by the members, the other direction is also true. And this is interesting because this issue is somewhat underestimated IMO. I think it must not be easy for models to build up a general respect to their members considering what the most vocal of them tend to post. And it might be easy to forget that there are also those who reflect more and are not interested to hurt anyone or be verbally abusive. Being professional as a model also means IMO to be able to differentiate between those two groups of members. Also true for any other service-client relationship.

So basically I like models who respect me.
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Apr 12, 2018
I ordered some custom photo sets from a model and she sent them to me today and said,

"I know you only paid for 100 photos, but I kinda went crazy taking the photos and ended up taking over 200. I've sent you the best 146 of them anyway"

Nice surprise! And I thanked her with a appreciation tip as well for the extra effort :)
Dec 4, 2020
NSW, Australia
It's not really a big thing, but I always appreciate it when a model says the approximate timeframe in which she will BRB, and does that.
Regular breaks are so important, but it can empty out a room if the model says "BRB 10 mins" and then is still absent after half an hour.
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Apr 20, 2021
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The two things that I like about members is their ability to communicate and interact with me. For example, I enjoy the moments when my members actively talk in my room - not only with me, but with the others too. Lifts up the mood. And second, I really like when users compliment me for my personality, not only for my physical looks. From my point of view "You're funny" or "You got such a bubbly personality" will always beat "your ass looks great".