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Sep 5, 2018
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Hi babes!

I have a Twitter question. Decided to make one for us (we cam at Chaturbate), created a new email to register on Twitter. But I had to enter my personal phone number to verify something.
I checked my Twitter privacy settings 100 times, but still worry if Twitter can send a "Look, your friend *** is now on Twitter as mr0mrs0horny" message to my personal contacts from phone.
How did you check it while creating your Twitter accounts?


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Jul 25, 2014
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Phone number is for 2 step verification. Trust me you are going to want. If you are uncomfortable, you can get a throw away phone and pay the $20 month for the extra sense of privacy.

Don't ever link your Twitter to facebook,then that will happen. If you go into settings you can adjust your privacy settings.
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Jan 8, 2017
Southern USA
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You can create an account only with email verification. Just click in use email instead phone when you create the account.
with my fiancé and I having done the exact same thing yesterday, I can tell you it let us make our account with just an email, but after our first post we were required to verify our account with a cellphone.

Onto the actual question, we felt the same you guys did and were very paranoid about it all and for the time being we were actually able to go back into our account and remove the phone number from the account once we were verified. It at least allows us time to find another solution like getting a free texting app or something for two factor authentication instead. We'd rather be vulnerable for a day or two to find a solution than have some sort of mistake happening right as we decide to focus on this full time, lol.

Oh and when you get it all straightened out be sure to announce your twitter name! I'll definitely toss a follow to a fellow couple cammer like us :)

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Feb 18, 2018
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You can also set up a google voice account for a separate phone number, just keep in mind that google is a data hoarder and will track all of your crap as well. It's best to keep as much of your internet presence separate as possible. That means having a cam email, cam phone, and use a VPN when possible.


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Sep 21, 2018
United States
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I have a regular who insists on calling me while we are private, so I found an app called Free Tone; a second line on my cell. You can usually choose which area code you'd like and then you can get calls and texts through there. I think I actually pay a small amount ($2.99?) per month because the 'free' version wasn't working right for me. Very convenient! I verified my Chaturbate SnapChat account with it.