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  1. eroticalynn

    Erotica Lynn - Cam Model and Content Creator

    Hiiiii! 😜😜😜 Okay, so I'm mostly posting on here to promote this Twitter/X post of mine that needs 200 total reactions Likes/Comments/Reposts (each counts as separate reacts) on this pinned post by tomorrow for a Lovense toy giveaway that I'm participating in. If you happen to see this before the...
  2. Official_Lovense

    Cam101's AI Tweet Generator: Master Your Social Media Game

    Are you struggling to keep your social media content fresh and engaging? Look no further than Cam101's AI Tweet Generator! Still in its beta phase, this powerful tool can generate custom tweets tailored to your audience. Say goodbye to social media stress and hello to effortless, on-brand...
  3. spikyhaired

    Poll: Do you have a Mastodon account? If no, why not?

    Note: The poll is set to display your votes publicly. Vote for as many choices as applicable. Hi, All, I've *thoughts* about for-profit, "user is the product", social media. But I won't bother you with them here. :whew: 😜 As you can see from the poll below, I'm curious if you have a Mastodon...
  4. Sashacurves

    Scammer impersonating me with a fake Skype account

    This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I don't know wtf you're meant to do about it! Someone contacted me today to tell me he's been scammed by a Skype user using my name and profile pic to "sell camshows" I think in return for amazon vouchers. I'm frustrated that...
  5. badbabybunny

    flirtymania ban??

    Hey yall long time no seeee~ anyway i have been mainly using FM (flirtymania) for my main streaming due to the fact that i liked their system and accessibility better.... I tried logging in yesterday-- it said i was banned and gave me an error code with no explanation. I tried contacting...
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  7. Trixxi_Love

    Paying an OnlyFans promoter on Twitter?

    On Twitter it seems I have been getting a lot of these messages of people who want to “promote” my OnlyFans for a fee. first of all I have never tried this so I have no idea how affective it would be. Secondly I feel this is a secondary person trying to get income from my adult work so I find...
  8. xxlsuperlouis

    Real or fake? How would you respond?

    Hello everyone. Got this message from a cam model I followed on twitter and chaturbate at one point. Who wouldn’t feel bad if this was real?. (I’m assuming it’s not 😬) If you think it’s fake too, I’m curious if this is this actually a successful method that cam girls use?
  9. xxlsuperlouis

    How do I get my Onlyfans and Twitter links to hover like this?

    I can’t figure out how to make some custom links like this for my profile. I just started using obs and now that I have it setup I would like to take advantage of some of its features. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Evelyn_

    Twitter and SM

    Heey! Just wondering how you ladies get twitter followers when you stream on SM because they still don't allow links to twitter right? When I stream on MFC I get loads of twitter followers but SM is my main site.
  11. Altertibbar

    Twitters algorithm 2019, interesting facts to help you do better!

    I do social media marketing so Twitter is one of the platforms that I have to address on a daily basis to find out what works best and I have some insight into the algorithm and am willing to answer any questions you might have on the platform as well as provide a couple resources for you to...
  12. ChantelleArmaj

    So....Twitter/Social Media For New Models....How do!??!

    I'm brand new to CB as I've only broadcasted 4 times so far, but already I have a couple of regulars that have asked me about Twitter and whether or not I have an account. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about creating a Twitter, or even an Instagram or Snapchat as a model for your...
  13. mrmrshorny

    Twitter privacy

    Hi babes! I have a Twitter question. Decided to make one for us (we cam at Chaturbate), created a new email to register on Twitter. But I had to enter my personal phone number to verify something. I checked my Twitter privacy settings 100 times, but still worry if Twitter can send a "Look, your...
  14. camillarose

    Snapchat and twitter

    Hello everyone!! So I finally got my snap and twitter setup,where do I go from here? What kind of things do I post on twitter to direct potential tippers to me? When I snap a picture on snapchat,are the pictures out for everyone to see? Sorry for the questions but I just need a little insight to...
  15. jessica21

    MFC banner size help please!!

    Hey everyone :) So I've been trying to make my snapchat and twitter banners for mfc, but I can't seem to get the size right. It's the length I'm struggling with. Is there a particular size that everyone uses? Or the size that you use that you might feel like sharing? Thank you in advance!!
  16. porcelainprincess-xxx

    Does this seem like a scam?

    New to camming, I pretty much get the gist of how to identify a scammer *i think* lol. But I just want to double check my gut instinct with people who've been around a while to be safe.
  17. xoxAprilJames

    Twitter DMs

    hey y’all! I’m new but starting to get into the swing of things, build up an audience etc which brings me to my question- how do you deal with the twitter DMs? I started an acct to promote my Chaturbate and sell some vids on cash app, and so usually in DMs when someone says they want to see more...
  18. Guy

    Do some models get into feuds with other models?

    Ive heard rumors of models hacking into other models Twitter accounts and stories of outing and doxxing. Is this true?
  19. Smores

    Where Do You Set Twitter, Amazon, and Other Social Links on CB?

    A lot of models on CB have their various social media pages linked, and those show up as little icons that overlay the video on the left edge of the page. Where is all of that configured? Are those configuration options only appearing on a broadcaster's version of the settings? I have...
  20. Guy

    Controversy over Trump blocking people on Twitter