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  1. Altertibbar

    Twitters algorithm 2019, interesting facts to help you do better!

    I do social media marketing so Twitter is one of the platforms that I have to address on a daily basis to find out what works best and I have some insight into the algorithm and am willing to answer any questions you might have on the platform as well as provide a couple resources for you to...
  2. ChantelleArmaj

    So....Twitter/Social Media For New Models....How do!??!

    I'm brand new to CB as I've only broadcasted 4 times so far, but already I have a couple of regulars that have asked me about Twitter and whether or not I have an account. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about creating a Twitter, or even an Instagram or Snapchat as a model for your...
  3. mrmrshorny

    Twitter privacy

    Hi babes! I have a Twitter question. Decided to make one for us (we cam at Chaturbate), created a new email to register on Twitter. But I had to enter my personal phone number to verify something. I checked my Twitter privacy settings 100 times, but still worry if Twitter can send a "Look, your...
  4. camillarose

    Snapchat and twitter

    Hello everyone!! So I finally got my snap and twitter setup,where do I go from here? What kind of things do I post on twitter to direct potential tippers to me? When I snap a picture on snapchat,are the pictures out for everyone to see? Sorry for the questions but I just need a little insight to...
  5. jessica21

    MFC banner size help please!!

    Hey everyone :) So I've been trying to make my snapchat and twitter banners for mfc, but I can't seem to get the size right. It's the length I'm struggling with. Is there a particular size that everyone uses? Or the size that you use that you might feel like sharing? Thank you in advance!!
  6. porcelainprincess-xxx

    Does this seem like a scam?

    New to camming, I pretty much get the gist of how to identify a scammer *i think* lol. But I just want to double check my gut instinct with people who've been around a while to be safe.
  7. xoxAprilJames

    Twitter DMs

    hey y’all! I’m new but starting to get into the swing of things, build up an audience etc which brings me to my question- how do you deal with the twitter DMs? I started an acct to promote my Chaturbate and sell some vids on cash app, and so usually in DMs when someone says they want to see more...
  8. Guy

    Do some models get into feuds with other models?

    Ive heard rumors of models hacking into other models Twitter accounts and stories of outing and doxxing. Is this true?
  9. Smores

    Where Do You Set Twitter, Amazon, and Other Social Links on CB?

    A lot of models on CB have their various social media pages linked, and those show up as little icons that overlay the video on the left edge of the page. Where is all of that configured? Are those configuration options only appearing on a broadcaster's version of the settings? I have...
  10. Guy

    Controversy over Trump blocking people on Twitter

  11. Guy

    Why did Twitter turn a blind eye to FOSTA\SESTA in its TOS update?

    This is a shocker. Twitter just updated their TOS. The update did not include a ban on adult content or address anything sex work related. It seemed like everyone was certain that Twitter was going to ban adult content in response to FOSTA\SESTA.
  12. Guy

    Ive been shadowbanned

    I dont come up in the twitter search results when im logged out.
  13. QuinnLane


    So, last night something magical happened. Switter arrived. Switter is a sex-work friendly social platform, like Twitter. It's been made for sex workers and clients, and has really taken off! 12 hours ago there were 153...
  14. ShyCollegeSlut

    How to use tumblr?

    I have a tumblr, it's inactive because I have no idea how to use it. Everytime i'd make a post I would hit backspace to much and then i'd delete it all. It pissed me off so I gave up >.< but i'd like to try it, is it worth using? Twitter sensors a lot now, and I have a feeling people don't...
  15. ShyCollegeSlut

    Twitter Advertising

    This is my twitter link for reference to what I will be asking about. To be honest, I never used twitter before cam, and I had zero interest in tweeting real life things to random people. I mainly use it to advertise, post links, and have recently (very...
  16. Aayda_Heart

    I can only add one RSS feed (I'm using a free option)

    I'm just curious if anyone has any good suggestions for an RSS feed that I can use to create blog posts for me on twitter. If you have any great suggestions that would help me gain more English speaking followers, preferably users who use cam sites that would be very appreciated. I'd be up for...
  17. Aayda_Heart

    Looking For Moderators!

    HII EVERYONE!!! :) I'M AAYDA_HEART A NEW CANADIAN WEBCAM MODEL! I NEED YOUR HELP! I am looking for some moderators that are regulars on cam sites or people planning on being regulars! I am on multiple sites and it would be nice to have some extra chit chat going on in my rooms, preferably...
  18. E

    Let's work together on twitter

    I propose the idea that all of us post our twitter accounts below, then each of us must follow all the twitter accounts in this thread, and try to engage with each other on a daily basis. This will help all our fanbases and help us earn more. :woot: Sorry if this has already been done on...
  19. Lorena Brink

    Question: App Permissions on Dual Sim phones.

    I'm about to buy a Dual Sim phone (Android) so I have 1 sim for personal use and 1 for this work. I know you can bind each app to a specific sim card but one thing stays unclear to me and I hope someone in here can answer this to me, out of experience: Let's say I want to install Instagram. I...
  20. M

    "LiveGirl" Camsite Twitter DM // SCAM ALERT

    I received this DM on Twitter that looks pretty suspicious. I am afraid to click his sketchy link, so I'm not 100% certain it's a scam, but I am 99% sure and here's why... >>> THE RED FLAGS <<< 1. The message comes from a Twitter user who doesn't follow me and I don't follow them, making...