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UNFAIRLY BANNED ACCOUNT - old model /punker barbie

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Nov 22, 2023
Hi, I've been streaming on chaturbate for several years. Last year they banned my account, since there was a registered sender on my page that was no longer transmitting on the account. Months before the ban, I had sent an email to chaturbate, in the email I asked the chaturbate team to delete the identity of the person who was registered since several years ago the only person who appears online on chaturbate is me. The request was attended to by the chaturbate support team, months later they banned the account precisely because of the issuer whom they requested to remove. By explaining the situation my account was reinstated.

The above is situation number 1.

This year my account was banned again, the reason was because my OBS was activated only in the webcam studio where I work. The OBS was activated when a model other than me was streaming. Unfortunately this model was banned from chaturbate which caused my account to be immediately banned. I contacted support alarmed by this situation. They responded to me that they had banned my account last year, and that that ban added to the current one made it impossible for them to return my account. However, I responded by saying that the last ban was due to a mistake they made, and that precisely before the ban I had already asked them to remove the verified issuer, which was the reason for banning my account.

In none of the previous cases was the account banned due to my own actions, on the contrary, the bans happened due to requests that Chaturbate did not take into account and also due to the actions of third parties who do not use the page. I have been working on chaturbate for more than 4 years. I am a model who knows his duties and I have always worked alone. I haven't had a job with a decent income for several months and I'm looking for help.

user account: prettybigcock_ts