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~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

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Oct 29, 2010
I love music. :cat: A lot. It's right up there with food and water.
And, when i hit upon a tune that particularly tickles me, i tend to play it over and over and over and over and over and over and oveerandovernadoaondoadnaevrvreondaodvoaederbbdaod

BUT! That song is always changing. it's not necessarily a "favourite" song of all time or the whole universe but its just right for right now, and dangit I WILL PLAY IT TWENTY ZILLION TIMES A DAY, i am the boss here.

The point is! What is your current one? or two or three? I'm pretty much turning this thread into a diary regardless of what y'all input, so here are my current obsessions.

NYUSHA -- Do Not Interrupt.

this shit is in russian. I love russian club music because i am a total weirdo. Bonus though, this video is super hot and features jail, nice colours, dope choreography and hot chicks. From what i can understand via translation, the lyrics themselves are also very yes.


Booka fucking Shade.

These cats, were some of the cats that made me realize that "HOUSE" music wasn't necessarily garbage-ass dancey whatevers with female sorta soul vocals (no offense to soul singers! i dig that but it ruins house for me...) Anyways I decided to listen to some extra Booka today and now I'm hopelessly replaying these two tracks. :pray: :pray: Booka, I thank your German asses for existing every day for without you i may have forever said that i do not like house. WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN A COMPLETE AND TOTAL TRAVESTY and hole in the rest of my life forevermore so help me Glob, and I mean this. :pray: :pray:

ONE, sweet lies, hooked me mostly because of the video honestly, its a really good tricky video, grimy and beautiful and oh YES!

the other current Booka problem i'm having is with Solo City. I mean i'm a total sucker for moody pretty shit like this, and they are just doing such a damn good job of it.

Oh man, I'm starting to have too many ! Okay, i'll pare it down and come back later. (It's because i have PAST obsessionoverplayed songs, that i have to catch you up on. duh.)

I have no idea what's up with this, i heard it on some station and it just WILL NOT GO AWAY from my brain. ITS SO GOOD WHAT THE HELLLLLLL.... this is the second SUNSET that has been an overplayed loved-to-death song for me.

Okay, i'm not going to post Soul Clap right now cuz it's more house, technically. AND I REALLLLLLLY WANT TO POST LILY ALLEN TOO! But I'll hold back! :icon-cry: :icon-cry: Somebody else tell me what song they are overplaying first. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


love ~~

I can listen to any one of these on repeat all day:

I know a lot of folks don't like Rhianna. I find her songs are really hit-or-miss as to whether I enjoy them or not, and when I like them, I REALLY like them. Her more sexually-charged songs really appeal to me because, well, I fucking love fucking.

The most badass country song in existence. There's motherfucking bagpipes in it! So much raw emotion and awesomeness. I listened to a lot of country growing up, but not much of it was quite this epic.

This I love because it's pretty representative of my social circles and how they work. I hang out with artists and musicians, and even a jester, who answers to "Fool!" even out of character.
I don't get obsessed so much with individual songs, but with an artist or an album. Lately it's been Samantha Fish's album Black Wind Howlin'. I've probably listened to it a dozen time in the past week.

I'm always on the lookout for new music that interests me, so this is bound to change within the next few days. Probably at some point this weekend as I have time to spend searching for stuff.

Anyway, here's the track "Lay it Down" from that album.

I've played this song so many times my neighbours most probably know all the words by now.

This randomly appeared on my YouTube recommendations one day, and I become periodically re-obsessed with it.

Also, I kinda want to have an orgy with the whole band. YUM!

Just found this after work yesterday...

and I'm in love. THIS WOMAN. Gahhh :h: So many feels.

I can 100% relate with this song. Went through some shit with a guy I was with for a year and a half, we were *almost* engaged (he bought a ring), then went and cheated on me a month later. It was also a very controlling relationship. But I was in the mind frame of this song for a very long time.

I've been on a huge Die Antwoord kick lately! Seriously, they're all I've been listening to for the last month. I've been driving my oldest daughter crazy with how much I've been playing them out LOL.

Poker_Babe said:
I've been on a huge Die Antwoord kick lately! Seriously, they're all I've been listening to for the last month. I've been driving my oldest daughter crazy with how much I've been playing them out LOL.

Oh my goodness, i absolutely LOVE them!

My ex made me a card for valentine's day... He made it look normal both sides of the outside part.
But on the inside it had pictures of them saying "I think you're freaky" "and i like you a lot" :lol:
I always play them in my room and my regs are just like, "whyyyy" :p