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What type of gamer are you?

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Mar 24, 2017
Southeastern USA
Speaking for myself, I have always played games as a form of entertainment and it was always something that I did in my precious free time as a form of relaxation. Today there are people who play games competitively in e-sports for money, people who play games as a form of escapism(relaxation), people who play games because their friends are playing it(the social gamer)...and many, many more types too numerous to mention here.

There are also a lot more genres of games available today than when I started gaming on my Atari. Today we have MMORPG's, FPS's, HOG's, RTS and a host of others. Some genre's have never appealed to me, and I suspect it has to do with my preferred playstyle of playing for relaxation and enjoyment and not being someone who requires the social/multiplayer or competitive aspects of a lot of games. A good hidden object(HOG) game can keep me entertained for hours, or a good single player game like Zelda can as well. But I burned out on a game like WoW fairly quickly, as the social aspects of the game made me feel like a slave to the inevitable and rinse/repeat grind involved with leveling/gear acquisition and raiding.

Do you find that certain genres appeal more to your playstyle, and what are the main reasons you play games?
I game, because I'm addicted to playing games during my free time. I find it more enjoyable than hanging out with people offline. Games are just overall fun. For genres, I play MMOs, shooters, racing, platform, action sports, fighting, puzzle, and card games.
moddedish gamer :D

i love pc gamming and i love modding. my skyrim game is basically RPG sims. i'm currently in the process of editing every npc to not look like garbage. i hated all the ones on nexus. all the women look like they walked out of a maxim magazine.

i also like to make/recolor objects and cas for the sims. i've been doing it since sims2. some of my character creations got transferred over to other games by other people. it's cool to see a hair mesh i made when i was 20 still being used today in fallout.
i love pc gamming and i love modding.

I was heavily involved in Modding back around the 99-02 time-frame. I'm a firm believer that any developer who gives its players the ability to mod their games benefits from having the longevity of the game extended.

MMORPG girl ^_~

Do you play MMORPGs for competition, or is gaming something you do as a rest and relaxation activity? Perhaps both?
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Do you play MMORPGs for competition, or is gaming something you do as a rest and relaxation activity? Perhaps both?

For sure, rest and relaxing. I find it stressful to do anything but in video game land.
I'm a lazy casual who plays for the escapism. I'm so lazy, I don't even have to actually play the game to be satisfied. I'll watch let's play videos, and that'll very often scratch the itch.
Rarely game anymore. Used to be a PC gamer. But, grew tired of keeping up with Joneses mentality and went to a laptop and bought consoles to fill the occasional gaming fix.
I'm a third generation nerd so I was playing video games pretty early and observing before that. Started with point and clicks on the computer: Torrin's Passage, King's Quest, Myst. When the PS1 came out my father got it for all of us to share which meant we mostly watched him play until we got a game called "Legend of Dragoon" and we all got to take turns trying to do the additions in this seriously awesome turn based RPG. These days I'll play a little bit of everything.

Tabletop, PC, or console. Even have some handhelds I still play though gaming as I get older is more and more casual and only as I have the time. Getting Destiny 2 and hoping to put a bit of time into that as I probably won't be playing Pathfinder on the weekends anymore. Haven't played any of the more social games in a long time so it should be pretty fun. Or it'll be a shit show of "You sound like a girl! Show me your tits." We'll see which.
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Today's video games make sense, you shoot people, you still cars etc. When I was a kid you had these two Italian plumbers Mario and Luigi chasing a turtle a mushroom and saving a princess down the sewers, totally high throughout the whole adventure. This is a joke I stole from Trixx, a rising Canadian comedian by the way, he totally voices my generation's opinion.
I am the least competitive person on the planet... wait....

I played WoW in 2008 until I got to PvP areas and then I bailed. Filthy casual all the way. The Fallout series was great, but I want to get back into Katamari, the Sims and maybe even Unreal Tournament?
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I love old school videogames, kind of shoot 'em up or run and gun like metal slug, spacewar, space invaders. Arcade games.
But I also enjoy GTA, all final fantasy games (my fave is CC), interactive movie video games like Beyond two souls, etc.. and Graphic adventure kind of Life is Strange or Grimm Fandango and why not pc games like League of Legends. I play videogames because they remind me that i can be better and it helps me A LOT with my dyslexia.
I RPG games the most and if it is a free roam one hell yeah that is mine :D
Love military based and thug based story lines like CoD and GTA and a lot more ....
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I used to be a fairly hardcore MMORPG gamer, but I find I'm playing less since getting into camming/clipselling - there's just not enough free time to get everything done and game, too.

Nowadays I'm more into moderately casual stuff on Steam (I play a lot of Civ V and Darkest Dungeon) and I occasionally pick up my DS for an utterly self-indulgent session of Fantasy Life. I've got enough nonsense stressing me out without adding in competitive gaming that'll get my blood pressure up.

When the PS1 came out my father got it for all of us to share which meant we mostly watched him play until we got a game called "Legend of Dragoon" and we all got to take turns trying to do the additions in this seriously awesome turn based RPG. These days I'll play a little bit of everything.

Legend of Dragoon was my very first game that I played all the way to the end! I still think rather fondly of the battle'll always have a place in my heart as the first game that I really played for me.
@LilyOhRiley And anyone else that enjoyed the game, it's available on PS3 an PS Vita through the Playstation Store. When I grabbed it, I think it was only like $5
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Patintero-- that was the last game i played.. most would say DOTA here where i cam from. (bonus points to who knows patintero is about...:singing:)
Shooters, like a Fallout 4, (J)RPG, MMORPG and some fighting games. I used to play a lot of The King of Fighters when I was younger. But now I enjoy a good quality shooter with interesting storytelling :)

I like to feel like I’m part of that world, like what books do to your mind. I so love how video games can be like that too! I love a good game with a good lore!
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I used to be pretty addicted for a few years to one specific game, but because I was so amazing at it, it made people hate me and troll me and they all thought I was serious because I was good at the game.
But I have always been that type of person who can laugh at anything and everything. If I mess up, i will laugh my head off unless it's an important part, like a boss we have struggled to kill but we're now almost killing and I die, or do something to mess it up - then it's frustrating and rage worthy lol

But I just relax and chill, don't try too hard. If I die in multiplayer, or do badly with the game then so what. I couldn't give a flying crap
I play a lot. Like, a lot. But it's not one specific genre. I love old point 'n' click adventures, I love classic Nintendo games, but also the Metal Gear series, all GTAs, Fallouts, Elder Scrolls, Xcom, Command & Conquer. I love story driven games, but also strategy games or simply funny games, but also simple and meditative games like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley but I'm also a huuuge fan of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. I can't really see a pattern there.
Recently, I've been playing a lot of theHunter: Call of the Wild. Is anyone else playing that? It has a multiplayer that I've never tried.
I've always had games in my life! Been gaming since Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis days. I love RPGs and survival horrors games. Resident Evil is one of my favorites. Also can't get enough Sonic the Hedgehog!
I'm a super casual gamer. I used to PC game as a teenager (WoW, Diablo 2, Half Life, Unreal Tournament, Starcraft, etc), but these days I'm almost exclusively a Nintendo girl outside of playing The Sims, lol. I still have my original SNES, NES and Sega Genesis. For newer consoles I have a PS3 (which I pretty much only have for Little Big Planet if I'm being honest), Wii, 3DS and Nintendo Switch. On the Switch I've been playing BoTW, Stardew Valley, Splatoon 2 and I just got Mario Odyssey. On the 3DS I play a lot of Animal Crossing, Mario Party (with friends), Yoshi's Woolly World, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion, Super Marioland 3D, etc.

I mostly play games to unwind and have fun with friends.
I am a two-or-three-times-a-year-obsessed with sandbox/ open world games like Skyrim/ Fallout/ WatchDogs. Otherwise I will play some quick games here and there on my PC (Mac lol) and iPhone. Chaturbate is also basically a game :h:
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