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why is there a bot always in my room?

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May 1, 2022
Hi everyone,
This is my first post in this forum, I introduce myself, I'm Bella-White ;)

The reason for my post is because a few weeks ago there is a gray user who connects just when I put "start transmission" but I haven't started the show yet, why could this be? Is it one of those bots that record transmissions or what would be its possible objective?

I added him as friends to see if he talked to me but nothing, I sent him a message and nothing, and the strange thing is that he doesn't even have me in his favorites so I don't understand

And I also reported it twice but everything is still the same, I don't get the option to veto it either:/

Any suggestion?

I made this small gif 5 minutes before making this post, the image is small but I think you can see what was previously reported perfectly

Thank you very much to all and I wish you good tips lol


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Hey @Bella-White Welcome to this awesome forum!
I would be more than happy to assist you to figure out what's going on.
Would you kindly reach out to me at from your registered email address so I can obtain some more information from you in order to investigate this further.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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