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  1. choclatemike

    Best Takedown company/sites for Illegal photos,content and videos online and Google

    Your options are cammodelprotection or send DMCA notices if you know the specific site. Popular ones are easy but some are hard if not impossible to remove especially like telegram
  2. choclatemike

    Viewer harassment help on stripchat

    Thanks. I forgot about that setting
  3. choclatemike

    Viewer harassment help on stripchat

    How do I delete racist messages from a guest on the public chat? I can't silence, delete or ban them. I have to stop my stream and restart so the messages go away. I'm not sure but it might be the same person who comes to say fucked up shit on my chat. It has happened three days in a row now.
  4. choclatemike

    Clips and pictures on Telegram channels. Is there anything you can do to remove them?

    Hi. I have found a couple of my pictures and clips from my stream on a telegram channel. I have reported it using telegram's report button, is there anything else I can do to get them removed?
  5. choclatemike

    African Webcam Models Group

    If you come from mama Africa and want assistance in model verification and tips on how to improve your profile, post here
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    too long to explain Everything on the internet is free game. Copyright/DMCAs does not work. If you want to earn money from your content we need to group and pressure/lobby. If you don't want your kids or mum/parents to know what you do, don't do this. Pretty soon 13-year-olds will hack...
  7. choclatemike

    Profile/bio customization help is great and easy to use. Thanks
  8. choclatemike

    If you need any support I'm sure a lot of people got you. I got some issues myself so if you...

    If you need any support I'm sure a lot of people got you. I got some issues myself so if you wanna talk or exchange ideas, hit me up.
  9. choclatemike

    Get well soon

    Get well soon
  10. choclatemike

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    I would love to know how this goes. Keep us updated
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  12. choclatemike

    Twitch Streaming

    They banned accounts with links to Onlyfans in 2021, especially after everyone jumped to twitch to do pool and tub streams so I doubt webcam links are allowed even linktree is risking it. One of your viewers will report you eventually. You can direct your twitch viewers to follow you on...
  13. choclatemike

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    A guy once came into my room and started saying he wants me and my friends to gangbang his wife for several days. At first I thought he was living out a fetish/fantasy then he got very specific like giving me a location and time saying him and his wife were planning for the flight and that his...
  14. choclatemike

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Someone was definitely was on coke
  15. choclatemike