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    Do you ever buy soda on Amazon or eBay?

    I don't drink soda. So no.
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    Getting hate mail.

    Sophia Locke used to do that. Was always a good time. :D
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Cute ways to say "I don't meet clients"

    Maybe I'm just in an aggressive mood because of real life things at the moment, but I wouldn't cutesy that up or anything else that crosses boundaries. I would be both firm and clear that there will be no client meetups. You don't have to be mean about it but don't sprinkle sugar on it either...
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    Logged into my member/ creeper account, and

    This. If anything is training members into low tip amounts it is those silly things.
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    Getting hate mail.

    Basics and guests are just so weird. I don't get it. How is that fun? Unmute them and nine times out of ten you'll get something demanding/creepy/icky right off the bat. They are like those sucker fish that you put in fish tanks to clean the glass.
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    Chaturbates first Anime Girl?

    Realistically I think VR is going to be the next big thing in online sex work. We aren't there yet but we are close with cheaper and more accessible as well as the technology itself is improving. There are already toys that can be paired together to allow for an interactive experience and I'm...
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    New ownership could spell big changes for SI Swimsuit edition

    Good. What does an issue full of airbrushed models have to do with sports?
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    How do I support my friend?

    Glad things worked out
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    The Strange Recurring Things Your Viewers Do

    When you retire please write a book of your experiences. :D
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    STIs, stigma, and camming

    Great answer.
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    Logged into my member/ creeper account, and

    Agreed. 10/10 best name ever. :D
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    If you won a competition

    :haha: I worried my answer sounded a little too much like the answers beauty pageant contestants give so you are fine.
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    If you won a competition

    I agree with the others. See the world, try as many new things as I could, and do my best to improve the lives of others.