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  1. EmiliaSong - A New Type of Clip Site (collective crowdfunding)!

    We're still sorting out precise details on payment options, but at the moment, we're doing two payouts per month. Jeremy is gonna hop on here soon to give you more details. Models will decide where their videos go. Each model is allowed to upload one video per bundle. We've been debating...
  2. EmiliaSong - A New Type of Clip Site (collective crowdfunding)!

    Exactly! With more models in the mix, more users will buy in. Users get more videos in the category that they want to see, so it increases their chances of purchasing. It's a similar concept to individual models selling bundled clips at a lower rate, but with more models in the same category, it...
  3. EmiliaSong - A New Type of Clip Site (collective crowdfunding)!

    Hello everyone! I’m here representing a new clip site called Stroken, and right now we’re looking for feedback as we prepare to launch our beta site. Stroken is a crowdfunding clip site where models add their videos to a “bundle” and share the collective “bounty.” Users buy access to each...
  4. EmiliaSong

    Choosing a name

    If you've already built a solid brand with Minxy, stick with that. If you want to create a separate brand, use Luna Black. You could also use MinxyHijinx as your username and add Luna Black in your bio, or you could combine them and use Minx or Hijinx as a last name (like Luna Minx or Luna...
  5. EmiliaSong

    Razor Burn: Major Turnoff or NBD?

    I'm just gonna add a few more tips on avoiding razor burn: 1. Fresh blades every time. Don't store them in the shower. 2. Save it til the end of your shower/bath so your skin is thoroughly steamed. 3. Exfoliate the area. 4. Spread baby oil (or whatever oil is handy) over the area before...
  6. EmiliaSong

    A deep topic: family & friends' reactions to camming...

    I tell people before I even meet them. That way I can weed out the ones who are uncomfortable with it and the ones who fetishize my job so I don't waste my time.
  7. EmiliaSong

    Is camming going to ruin my acting career?

    I graduated from a theatre conservatory several years ago. Camming would hurt your career. You won't be able to teach classes (which a lot of full-time actors do) or hold a position within a profitable company. You'd have to be incredibly successful and popular (like Stoya or Sasha Grey who...
  8. EmiliaSong

    MV Live "at capacity" vent

    You can post and promote your social media links on CB. SM is the site that's strict about it. You can get suspended on CB for promoting clip sites, though.
  9. EmiliaSong

    brio blurry/autofocus issue (need help)

    Do you have the logitech settings software installed/up to date? It's under the Advanced tab. You may have to reset it when you switch video platforms, though. Also, for some reason, you can't turn off autofocus in Windows Camera. It drives me crazy.
  10. EmiliaSong

    How did you decide on a name???

    I was a huge Doctor Who fan when I started camming, so I combined the names of two of my favorite characters: Amelia Pond and River Song. I didn't want it to be totally obvious, so I changed "Amelia" to "Emilia." "Song" also suits me because I sing a lot on cam!
  11. EmiliaSong

    Chaturbate Codes for Bio

    The graphics in my profile keep getting cut off. . . They look fine on larger screens, but they get cut off on the right on smaller ones or when you make the browser window smaller. How can I get them to automatically adjust size so they fit? Here's my profile:
  12. EmiliaSong

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Adding to this, let's bear in mind that a lot of the members on this forum are interested in more sociable cam models, so there is a slight bias.
  13. EmiliaSong

    Chaturbate - what float button?

    You can add anything that doesn't direct users to another paid site. Don't add Skype. Some people include ManyVids links, but be careful cause technically it's against the rules.
  14. EmiliaSong

    Thanks! :)

    Thanks! :)
  15. EmiliaSong

    How did you "discover" your fetish?

    Most psychologists who have studied fetishes agree that they originate when a person is young. My major 2 are crying and bondage. I'm not sure precisely where bondage came from (probably movies), but I've always been a crybaby. My mom used to get on my case about it and tried to help me develop...