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  1. omgitsg

    Does Streamate text you for your information?!

    Tell them to suck a butt. You don't need them.
  2. omgitsg

    Finding my niche...Bbw?

    I dropped a lot of weight over the last year and get crap for not being big enough sometimes but I feel like everyone's opinion of what a BBW is varies. I'm like a 14/13 now. I still use the term because to one man I might still be the BBW he's looking for to another I'm just a fat fetish nut...
  3. omgitsg

    Whatcha been playing?

  4. omgitsg

    Hare you a slut? Are you proud?

    I've always had a high sex drive but I've never been promiscuous. I didn't loose my virginity until I was 18 and I have had less sexual partners than I have fingers. I'm not really physically attracted to many people... humans in general got me like ehhh.. Sapiosexual problems, haha. I love...
  5. omgitsg


    Is it cuz ya'll never sleep?:haha:
  6. omgitsg

    Why some model disappear even though they were can make alot of money ?

    I think whatever that reason may be... the model should only share the amount of information they feel comfortable with sharing.:p
  7. omgitsg

    Economics of privates: Am I acting entitled?

    I would hate to find out (after the fact) someone wasn't getting what they wanted/were paying for from our sessions. Just tell her what your expectations are and explain yourself like you did here. Your expectations are realistic and she may not even be realizing or in control of it. I think...
  8. omgitsg

    Any camgirls with public snapchats?

    Public snap: Gia.TV Getting back into camming consistently soon:shame:
  9. omgitsg

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Been binging on Deathnote all weekend.
  10. omgitsg

    Advice for new models

    Yay! This is so cool. Did u get nervous at all? Any advice on how u dealt w/ur nerves would be so appreciated!
  11. omgitsg

    Twitter Tips for Cam Models

    Tysm! This helps so much.
  12. omgitsg

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey ya'll! My name is Gigi. New to the industry but very eager to learn and make new friends in the process.:shy: Hi Mae! I 100% feel you on the many life changes part!