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account banned without reason

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  1. W

    Help with CB account banned

    Hi all, I signed up today for broadcasting and after I verified my identity, my account was banned. There’s nothing wrong with my id info. The account showed verified and work normal as I was browsing through the settings. A few minutes later it was banned. Can someone please help. Username...
  2. M


    Please help I'm desperate, I've been working on Chaturbate for at least 4 years as MelinnaRotten_ I've been away for a couple of weeks cause of health issues, and when I tried to resume I noticed my account was banned, there's no reason, I didn't do anything wrong cause I didn't even work this...
  3. CatarinaxLoca

    Suspended account please help

    Hello Cam family, and hopefully stripchat moderators. I am writing this today to plead for help with restoring my stripchat model account CatarinaxLoca . It was just banned this morning and I am confused why. One email said it was banned forever and the other email said my partner and I (whom...
  4. Kahinax

    Account banned without reason

    Hello. Seems my account named Kahinax got banned without reason. Support dosnt answer and i am 100% sure i didnt caused any problems to my account /Terms. Seems lot of Models got banned today. @punker barbie please help me . Ticket Number 18676566
  5. Cam99

    CB Banned Me

    Hello Ambercutie, I have been working as cam model in Chaturbate since 2019, i never had any issue before, but recently i got message that my account banned without any reason, I emailed Chaturbate support but they didn't response me, Could you please help me to get my account back? I really...
  6. jenniferburril

    Account banned for ID verificaton failed

    As you all can see mote than 30-40% of models get banned when sent the Age ID Verification. This is not a reason Chaturbate just started to scam. I have sent them numerous emails with this problem and all i get back was " automated email ". I didn't received the payment from last period and the...