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  1. N

    My cam model is struggling getting views and tokens in general.

    Hello, i am a moderator for a cam model. My model is struggling to gain views in her room. Most people pop in to see what she is doing then leave. Any advice would be extremely helpful😥.
  2. C

    How to quit a studio

    Hi y’all! I have been with a terrible studio for way longer than I’d like to admit… idk why I haven’t tried to leave sooner, I guess life got in the way but, I was hoping there was someone here who could tell me how to QUIT and cut ties with my studio, based in Tempe AZ. They have been taking my...
  3. LuLuLuBananas

    Editing an old post on OnlyFans

    Hello everyone. I’m new to OnlyFans, started it a month ago, before that I was a cam model strictly. So forgive me for asking such simple question. I ran into issue: I’m not able add or delete photos from/to an old post. The post is a Fundraiser and still running, but I’m not able to add...
  4. Sugrbonez

    Opinion on pole dancing on cam

    Hey everyone! I’m Natti Müller!! So I wanted to see what y’all’s thoughts were on pole dancing shows. I was brainstorming trying to think of fun creative shows to do. I have been a pole dancer for many years, I thought it would be a fun different experience but I’m not sure if that would attract...
  5. V0nderwhat

    New girl at Streamate, payment help

    So, I've just signed up and waiting to be accepted at Streamate, and while checking the website as payment options for who's is not in the US (I'm in the UK), they have given me the option of Paxum e EpayServices. Before I started everything I've done a deep research and they used to accept...
  6. crosscountry

    Finding your tipping audience on Chaturbate

    Hi guys, I have been a trans cam model for almost a year now and have been on Chaturbate for 2 months. I'd like to know what method worked for you on finding a tipping audience. I understand there is lots of information already out there and what works for you may not work for me but I would...
  7. MilaniHarris

    Interested in becoming a webcam model

    Hey there! ☺ I've been thinking about testing out webcam modeling for awhile. I've visited multiple websites today. I feel a little bit overwhelmed and i have no clue where to start. I have a few questions... 1. What are the safest cam sites out of the 4 listed in acf? What are the safest...
  8. ValentinaCANADA

    Looking for tips and tricks (Newish webcam model)

    Hey lovelies, So im pretty new to the webcam community and also am a small bow model, I am looking for tips and tricks on anything when it comes to building up clientele, how to bring people to want to tip me, maintaining a full room, token values for what I am offering etc. I know bigger...
  9. Chaz6969

    Which sites are best?

    I have signed up with cam4, live Jasmin, and mfc..... Any advice or feedback on these, also can't you link all sites to one account. Appreciate the help and any advice is great.
  10. naominye

    New and need help please

    Hi guys, I just started camming like two days ago and got manycam but I can't seem to get it working. I need the myfreecam stream key but can't find it anywhere on the internet. I tried logging on to manycam first but when I log onto myfreecam it doesn't give me an option to connect the two...
  11. Lexa

    Many Vids Advice?

    Hi I'm still very new to camming but I want to start using Many Vids to make to increase my revenue and my exposure, Does anyone have any tips or advice, Ex: 1) How to make my content. 2) How do I make a good porno. 3) How Many Vids works in the first place?? 4) Anything I should do before I...