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  1. StormiAnderson

    Remaining anonymous pros and cons

    Hey! I am about to start camming. I have a good full time job and this is something I’d like to do on the side for some extra spending money. I have been considering the pros and cons of showing my face vs. not. I think I would like to remain anonymous - I have an amazing body if I don’t say so...
  2. Smores

    Best Practices for Amazon Wish Lists

    I am browsing through some older threads and want to just get confirmation about the current best practices for webcam models who want to show an Amazon Wish List to customers. * The most important idea I am picking up is that the model should never connect any address to the Wish List. The...
  3. JesseBangs

    Anonymous Domain Registry

    Hey all! I'm starting to teach myself to code, and am looking to purchase a domain for myself to practice on and eventually use as a functional site for cam business. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this - I imagine Amber would with Ambercutie itself, hehe. I came across this...
  4. O

    Amazon Locker

    I apologize if this subject has been discussed to death already, but I wanted to make sure other cammers are aware of the Amazon locker option available for anonymous wish list delivery. You can have items from your wishlists delivered directly to these lockers where you can pick them up. It...
  5. A

    Panty selling... getting paid anonymously?

    Hello, I´m thinking about starting selling my panties (which is not illegal btw)... But, there is one problem. I don´t want the buyers to see my real name, my email address is fine. Upon searching a lot in this topic, I found that a lot of pantysellers recommended different things, but they...