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  1. F

    I need a bot/app reccomendation

    Hey everyone. New here; I have been camming for about 10 months with my partner. isse: I need a good ticket show app and a bot similar to dreambot that has a notifier and a tip menu built in if anybody knows of a better one that would be awesome Other than crew bot for our fan club titles I...
  2. S

    Charlesbot set interval

    Hello, I've been camming on MFC for almost 2 years now and feel charlesbot can be a big help. Having seen him do so with many other models. But when I set an interval for 91 seconds I never see my ads pop up after those 91 seconds. I do have commands. Would you know what I am doing wrong. Plss...
  3. B

    True Privates, Pirate Recording, MFC Question

    Hi all! I am wondering if TruePrivate sessions are recorded and distributed by MFC or Pirates to other website or if it is only free chat that is. I've searched my cam name and have only found my free chat time on websites and NOT my privates. This has made me want to do privates more than free...
  4. Smores

    Best All In One Bots for CB?

    For those of you using "All in One" types of bots to run a CB room, which ones have the most/best features and which other ones did you try first before making your selection? In a perfect world, I would love to see a bot that: * Let's me maintain a VIP list, to be used for purposes like...
  5. Smores

    Software to Announce When Top Tippers Enter CB Room?

    Let's say you have a list of your top 20 customers. Is there any bot or other software that would give you an announcement when one of those customers enters your room silently? It might be nice to just greet them when they enter, but you have to know they are there first. You might not...
  6. Smores

    Where to Find CB App Programmers?

    Where is the best place to go to find programmers who still actively work on customizing Apps and Bots for CB? A lot of the more popular Apps appear to have authors who have moved on and no longer support their original work.
  7. Smores

    CB Timer Bot With Lots of Customizable Text?

    I am looking for a countdown timer bot on CB that would let me configure multiple lines of text. The "Timer Bot" allows me to do this with a single line of text, but it is not as flexible as what I am looking for. My actual use case is that I want something that a model can put up in her room...
  8. Smores

    Question on Rotating Notifier Bot on CB

    The user BadBadBubba authored some of the most used bots on CB, including the Tip Menu Plus and Rotating Notifier. There are dozens of derivative bots from the originals, some of which combine the two together. One of my favorites is the Extended Tips and Notifications, which gives you 30...
  9. K

    My cam was hacked by a bot on Chaturbate! On multiple outside websites!!

    Please help I was hacked on chaturbate! I’m so fucking pissed. I’ve only been camming for a week and I thought I had taken all precautions to prevent this. I use google chrome and have mcafee and another firewall security blocker running?! What can I do to have content removed and to block...
  10. S

    Chaturbate .. bot army?

    This one was new to me, at least. Member - grey of course - came into my favorite model's CB room last night, and told her to PM him so he could tell her the secret to success on CB. She talked him into just speaking in main chat, where he offered the following sales pitch: "So, you know how...
  11. A

    Working around the bots

    I’m, mostly, (emotionally) ready to come back to cam. My one issue is the bots. On chaturbate if you do ticket shows are the boys in those too? Has anyone heard if MFC will be offering ticket shows? If so, is there a minimum ticket price? I’d be up for a cheap ticket price to keep the bots out...
  12. Smores

    What Are Your Favorite Tipping Bots?

    CB has a variety of Bots that assist models with display of a tip menu in the public chat room. Tip Menu Plus is a well known one, but it is limited to 10 items. What are your favorite tipping Bots, and why? Some of the ones I have noticed: * Tip Menu - 4Sci This bot gives you something...
  13. Smores

    CrazyTicket App

    How many of you are doing ticket shows on CB using the CrazyTicket app? I would like to know what are the most common commands that you are using during these shows? Does anyone have a start-to-finish list of all commands that were used during a particular show? This is a complex app with...
  14. Smores

    Support for CB Bots / Apps?

    Is there any place that has a forum where participants understand the technical details of writing a CB bot or app? I have noticed that the "discussion" pages attached to most bots and apps on CB never gets answered by the developer and most of those discussions are years old to boot (i.e., no...
  15. C

    Aps and bots required?

    Stupid question still new to this but on Chaturbate are you required to use a bot say for example the dice roll game? or if you're feeling sexy can you do like a live dice roll where you use actual Dice and people can tip and you roll the dice on camera and let them know what they got? I'm just...
  16. G Spot

    Favorite Chaturbate Apps and Bots?

    Hello Everyone at AmberCutie, I was wondering what Chaturbate apps and bots everyone uses. There are so many of them to choose from! Also, how do you use them in your live webcam shows?
  17. Sian Sunrise

    Best apps and Bots

    I'm just wondering what apps and bots models prefer to run in their rooms? I've played with a handful but would really love to know which were fun, effective and basically kept the room happy. Thanks. SianSunrise
  18. megafapper

    Is Chaturbate broken by Viewer bots ?

    I create this thread because chaturbate last months has a lot of bots for the room promotion (first places take a more money). Right now about 10K bots present almost 24/7 and sometimes more than 20K. I'm not affilated with any model. I'm just IT-guy who knows how it works and I'm client, who...
  19. Divine Attraction

    Chaturbate: What is a Crazy Ticket Show?

    I'm fairly new to chaturbate and cam with my boyfriend. We've been getting a lot of request to do crazy ticket shows. I've looked on here, but didn't find anything. What is a crazy ticket show and what does it consist of??