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  1. cexmental

    Synergy (all in 1 app) December Updates

    Hello and happy 2024! I've updated my CB legacy all-in-1-app, Synergy. Updates include more stats for the /users? command, a method for calculating tokens earned while private, and integrating CB's new 'shortcode' URL system. Synergy December 2023, roll-up(date)... + rewrote /users command...
  2. cexmental

    Synergy (All-In-One-App) ... The future of transmission

    Hello. My name is Mentalcex. I was nominated as 'Best Bot Developer' in 2021 during A Decade With Chaturbate Awards. I was the 1st developer to add color gradients (styles) to any tip menu bot on Chaturbate (Tip Menu 50). I was the 1st developer to create color-on-color alpha gradients (same...
  3. MillyNoelle

    Dorothys Ultra Fembot help?

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out the dorothys ultra fembot but I don't know how this section works, where do i find the gifs/emojis? I'm confused by the colon things. I'm trying to learn apps and bots so I can be more ready for when I start broadcasting. English isn't my first language so I'm...
  4. Smores

    CrazyTicket Questions

    I have a few questions on the CrazyTicket App on CB for doing paid shows. Here is a typical sequence to start a show and end it: *** Hide the screen and start the ticket show! /startshow *** Suppress public chat messages. Remember that all chat lines in the ticket show can be read in ***...
  5. AlbinoGator

    Cards Against Humanity

    If you're interested in trying a cards against humanity game on chaturbate, here you go: Currently, the bot is entirely free play. Meaning anyone who can chat can join. Tips can easily be incorporated in the game. But before I...
  6. tinymartianslut

    Favorite Apps/Bots No One Knows About

    Okay, so in my boredom I like to go around the end pages of the bots and apps that are new and old to see what people have made, even deserted. Sure, no one uses them, and perhaps that's a sign, but they're still interesting. Such as the Pokemon and D&D one. They sadly have glitches and break...
  7. Smores

    CrazyTicket App

    How many of you are doing ticket shows on CB using the CrazyTicket app? I would like to know what are the most common commands that you are using during these shows? Does anyone have a start-to-finish list of all commands that were used during a particular show? This is a complex app with...
  8. zell00

    models who camshow in Library/Coffee shop or public places???

    hi there guyz and gals cammers.. i just want to know if you can suggest me the models you know from mfc or chaturbate or any camsite who are making cam shows in the library/ coffee shop or other places that is risky but adventurous lolz... thanks..
  9. Divine Attraction

    Chaturbate: What is a Crazy Ticket Show?

    I'm fairly new to chaturbate and cam with my boyfriend. We've been getting a lot of request to do crazy ticket shows. I've looked on here, but didn't find anything. What is a crazy ticket show and what does it consist of??