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CrazyTicket Questions

Discussion in 'General Cam Chat' started by Smores, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Smores

    Jun 27, 2017
    I have a few questions on the CrazyTicket App on CB for doing paid shows.

    Here is a typical sequence to start a show and end it:

    *** Hide the screen and start the ticket show!

    *** Suppress public chat messages. Remember that all chat lines in the ticket show can be read in
    *** public chat!!!

    *** ...N minutes before end of show, warns public chat to not buy tickets. tickets can still be sold

    *** ...5 minutes before end of show, to stop sales of more tickets

    *** return back to the public chat


    1) Which of these commands actually stops displaying video to the people who bought tickets? I guess it is /stopshow only? If yes, how does the model go take a break and leave the screen in a darkened state after a show, similar to the "Away" message you get after a private? CrazyTicket does not seem to support that idea directly?

    2) Is it correct that the chat messages for anyone in the show will always be readable in the public room? I guess /schat will suppress public chat during a show, which is probably a good idea to keep gray user comments out of a show's chat. Is there any way to not have the messages in the show chat display in the public room? Do I need to manually toggle /schat again after ending the show to enable public chat again, or does /stopshow automatically re-enable public chat?
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  2. Lelo1

    May 8, 2012
    CrazyTicket is not a good option for pausing stream. Because your still streaming, and even when the room has 0 viewers chaturbate itself can still be watching, listening, recording.

    If a model wants to cut video and audio. They do that in their streaming program. If it was OBS for instance, They could make 2 'scenes' . One scene would just be an image, maybe music. The other scene would be video, mic, and music. To pause in OBS they could switch to the scene that doesn't include video or audio. And to un-pause they'd switch back to their primary scene.

    OR they could just pause streaming in the streaming app, but that usually marks them as offline. and models usually don't want to do that.
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  3. Smores

    Jun 27, 2017
    So short of a well-orchestrated transition in OBS - along the lines of what you described - the model should just plan on /stopshow making their image visible to the public and plan accordingly.

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