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Sep 27, 2020
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Hello and happy 2024! I've updated my CB legacy all-in-1-app, Synergy. Updates include more stats for the /users? command, a method for calculating tokens earned while private, and integrating CB's new 'shortcode' URL system.

Synergy December 2023, roll-up(date)...

+ rewrote /users command engine (efficiency and future stat integration)
+ added undocumented /users -s to display 1st line stats (w/o user list)
-- complements undocumented /users? # (line wrap) & /users -t (tippers only)
+ added 'total earned while private' to /users? window *
+ added 'total number of privates' to /users? window
+ added 'private elapsed time' to /users? window (available only when private)
+ added 'transmission elapsed time' to /users? window (snapshots when offline)
+ added option to include 'total earned while private' in model panel stats overlay *
-- included with 'total earned this transmission' stat (line #1)
+ added option to build CB 'shortcode' tip menu (public & private)
-- creates clickable 'tip' links (desktop & mobile)
+ extended 'shortcode' to the public tip menu random recommendation option
+ extended 'shortcode' to the [user] tipped [cost] for [item] notice
+ added option to remove 'shortcode' from [user] tipped [cost] for [item] notice
+ user account maintenance
+ code clean-up and maintenance
+ 365-day license option added to the license agreement

* Private earnings are calculated every 10 seconds. When your private ends, earnings are rounded at that exact second. Outcome is *accurate* to within 1 token. CB does not provide information related to private earnings. I'm unaware of another app that currently offers this feature. Media purchases and all tips go towards goals and leaderboard. Earnings while private are (currently) only for statistical output. Earnings from spying are (currently) impossible to calculate as CB does not provide the necessary information.

Shortcode Tip Menu Example:


Model Panel Examples:

fulloverlayexample.png FwrmnQSXoAAoLqE.png

Command /users? Example:


Questions or comments? SynergyChaturbate @ gmail
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