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  1. Skirmante696

    Custom Clips

    Love this forum so far I must say! I was wanted to ask how does everyone go about pricing their custom clips? I have read some models do $10 a min and I have read some charge much less or more. I am afraid If I charge low to begin with I will set a trend for under priced customs. If anyone can...
  2. NoraSkyes

    Are Amazon Gift Cards Safe/Legit

    Hey girls I have a question about using Amazon Gift Cards as a form of payment. For years I have always been very strict about my payments, it always had to be upfront and in a solid form that I knew had no risks but today a regular has come to me asking if I accepted Amazon Gift Cards for...
  3. LaylaMae_

    Custom Snapchat Show Pricing

    Hello everyone! :) I'm a new model on MFC and recently started a premium snapchat. Today a man asked me if he could send me tokens or an amazon GC for me to do a public change room strip or cum show. I know I won't actually be able to cum but I could totally strip and play with myself. With...
  4. Leedsladlooking4

    Chaturbate custom profiles

    Hi everyone, I offer custom profiles for chaturbate. If you'd like to jazz up your page but either don't know how or you don't have the time, then feel free to get in touch, I charge 1000 tokens and there are 40+ profiles to look through on my chaturbate...
  5. angryoldllama

    What can you do if a model scams you out of a custom video?

    I dropped 2000 tokens on a chaturbate model in August who said she would send me a custom video in the same month. It's October now and I didn't get jack. She keeps making excuses and stuff and at this point it's pretty obvious I got scammed. I don't even care about the tokens now but can this...
  6. ChubbiiBunnii

    Beginner question????

    So I hear mygirlfund, Images4sale, and extralunchmoney are good picture selling sites (since as of right now I am way too shy to do videos just yet) are there any other sites? and since I already have nudes and lewd photos on my phone are those also okay to post? A lot of them are used with...
  7. Mira_xo

    Custom "Swag" From Models: What Would You Buy?

    Hi! I've been thinking about this a lot lately -- what physical "swag" from models would be something you're interested in? Models, what have you found sells the best? By swag I mean... T-shirts, mugs, stickers, posters, hats, etc. I'm specifically not talking about photo prints or polaroids...
  8. JesseBangs

    How much do you charge for custom videos?

    Hiya I was wondering how much you charge for customs! I am brand new on CB and have had my first four rather successful shifts this week. A lovely regular of mine has requested a custom vid, pretty tame, just dirty talk, moaning his name, and whatever else I like. I was thinking 35-40$ for...
  9. E

    A question on custom videos (very law-related) - manyvids/clips4sale etc.

    So there's a model I met on streamate who is pretty fun playing with and I found out she has a manyvids account. Naturally, recording live/private sessions is not allowed so I was delighted to see that she had a manyvids store. Manyvids allows you to commission a custom video for a certain fixed...
  10. H

    MFC profile!

    Hi! I desperately need my mfc profile to be customized! If anyone knows of someone who can make my MFC profile pretty please let me know! I am willing to pay (DUH!) Thanks! :)
  11. Custom Profiles

    We make Custom Interactive Cam Profiles!

    Hey girls, I'm a passionated Graphic Designer who's working with a Programmer & Photographer. I've notived there aren't that much Graphic Designers, so here i am to help you out! What we do: - Custom (interactive) profiles - Personal logo / branding - Creating fanbase website - Social Media...