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  1. A

    How safe is to keep money on EPayService??

    Hello everyone! I-m starting this thread in connection with the payment service provider : EPayService.com How safe it is! How can we be sure we will not go through what we’ve been through with FirstChoisePay or ePassporte again?? Look what they say in the MasterCard Prepaid card Terms...
  2. LittleRedBunny Academy


    Hello everyone, I’m LittleRedBunny. I’ve been a cam model for just over 10 years now and have won multiple awards, been profiled and interviewed in adult and mainstream media publications and worked hard to earn a well-respected image and recognized brand in the Adult Webcam Industry. I have...
  3. G

    Anyone on Camsoda?

    I started on CamSoda, and I'm wondering how other webcammers out there are also using that website and are faring well. It's been about a week since I started shows on CamSoda, and my earnings are close to $20.00. I could make my shows longer, but I have other people living where I am who...
  4. lostboy

    Report: My first 12 days on Chaturbate as a male model

    . I recently started camming and I'm looking for advice, because to be brutally honest I am hoping to make this almost a primary source of income. In 12 days, I cammed on average every day, a few days off, occasionally twice a day and in that time I made:about $230 and got 340-odd followers. I...
  5. MissMimi420

    What are some good camsites as of 2017

    So I started camming on MFC back in 2015 & kinda shot myself in the foot with it really. I didn't do my research, I didn't devote enough time, ect.. and feel like I messed my entire "cam career" Since then I have done SO MUCH research about so many cam related topics, but Can not find any...
  6. Hereiam

    About male performer ..

    Hi there, I'm new here i didn't read all blog i hope i didn't repeat. I'm also new as performer on chaturbate since february. I've found some infos about earning for girls camming on internet but not for male .... I just want to know if you have an idea about what is the average earning for...
  7. NatalieP

    SnapCentro: Selling your private SnapChat just got that much easier!

    SnapCentro lets you easily sell private snapchat access! The system was built by the team who delivered ModelCentro.com to you and is made to help you sell SnapChat access in just a few clicks. If you have a ModelCentro website, you can login to your SnapCentro account with your...
  8. S

    Biggest Tip/Best earning (SM models)

    Hey guys :) I seen a ton of threads on MFC models getting incredibly insane high tips, but I haven't found SM girls that have had large tips. Out of curiosity what was your biggest tip? And what was the most money you earned in a week on SM?
  9. Aprillovv

    1st Month As A Model; Wondering If My Earnings Are Good Enough?

    Hi lovely ladies, I am a new model, Aprillovv. I have been peeping on this forum for awhile and am super stoked to be part of a community with fellow cam models. :) I have been working part time in a job outside of camming for awhile now that doesn't pay shit and consumes my life. I am at the...
  10. JinKo

    I'm Looking Legit Studios Or Managers

    Okay So I've been camming off and on for a minute now and I think I'd really like to work with a studio or have someone like a manager can help out with getting Traffic to my cam shows. I know some studios can be scammers and some people who call themselves mangers are just looking for a free...