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  1. Weird_Bird

    Online games while broadcasting (Questions for models and members)

    Hello everyone! I am new on this forum, but being model pretty long. I want to try new entertainment stuff for people online and have some questions for models and members. I will be very thankful for answers :) Models have you ever tryed to play any games with members while broadcasting? For...
  2. BeezlBabe

    Choose your own superpower! But... the next person ruins it

    Some examples! Person A: I choose the ability to read minds Person B: But only the minds of 45 yr old men. I choose super speed. Person C: But only when you have nowhere to go. I choose super strength etc etc! So I'll start! I choose the ability to talk to animals!
  3. Aayda_Heart

    Follow The Person Before You - Then Post "Last Comment!"

    This is a new idea I figured could be implemented for some new users such as myself to make friends! It's REALLY SIMPLE Too! Follow The Person Who Commented Before You! THEN - Reply with "Last Comment!" Try To Reply As Much As Possible To Gain More!
  4. IntravenousFlytrap

    A Random (and possibly dumb) Question...

    I'm working on a free layout offered to me by someone, and there's a button that says "PPV Game" that you're supposed to add your own personal link to so that when people click on it it'll lead to the link you programmed into the HTML (if that makes sense). For example, there's a button for "My...
  5. tinymartianslut

    Fresh Ideas for Roll-the-Dice Prizes

    The app is fun but the prizes are over done. You can only rub ice on your nipples so many times. Care to add something unique and fun to the list? - squats - pinch nipples - spankings - name on body - call mom - lovense blast - hitachi - twerk - oil - handjob - dildo bj - shoe or sock change -...
  6. P

    TokenKeno .. Help needed

    Okey, so those of you who use token keno can you guys share your prize list? Obviously ill have to tweek it a lil but im in dire need of prize ideas. Im doing 20-100 so thats 80 spaces to fill.. Never used token keno before so not sure if i need to fill every space, or if there can be repeats...
  7. Lelo1

    Secret World Legends

    Secret World has rebooted as a free to play game. If you love story, it's an amazing game.
  8. S

    GamerGril: Twitch Uncensored

    Hey Guys, just out here trying to get some feedback on a this new Gaming/Streaming platform. The move toward live video game streaming has increased significantly during the past few years with Twitch as the forerunner of the industry. The Platform we have created at GamerGril attempts to taking...
  9. ArtsyAmelia

    Pokemon TCG

    All that I saw Magic The Gathering the the Video Games Thread I needed to create a pokemon one! I love the video games...but my true passion lies with the cards. I love traveling the country and playing pokemon with all of my friends at tournaments and online! So who else plays...