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  1. Sashacurves

    Gifts vs. payments from clients - what should I not be paying tax on? (UK)

    I recently had a lightbulb moment where I realised that many of the payments I've been sent on my CashApp from clients may not actually be taxable and I may therefore unnecessarily be paying too much tax! Obviously where a payment is for a service such as a Skype call/custom video/physical...
  2. WishTender

    Wish List Purchaser Survey

    Hi, We are WishTender. We are a brand new woman developed & owned wish list website geared specifically for internet personalities like you! We are currently in the final stages of building out our website and are seeking some additional information from "Tenders" to help us build the best...
  3. Kittyvouchers

    Wishlist with identity protection and low fee -

    The story behind Kitty Vouchers As a video chat model, some friends wanted to send me various gifts. Some of them, more insistent, pressed me to give them an address to send them, and at first I succumbed, but… I went through a lot of situations over the time, starting from receiving various...
  4. Ambers Troll


    How has #ThotAudit affected you? What do you think will be the impact of #ThotAudit, should it become more widespread/ international or retroactive? I know that this forum has encouraged everyone to pay their taxes, but wonder what the real threat is to the sex industry/ sexual market place...
  5. ChantelleArmaj

    How Do I Make An Amazon Wishlist For My Bio? And Is It Weird?

    I've noticed a lot of models have Amazon Wishlists in their bio, and it seems to be a registered list of items that they'd like their viewers to purchase for them. From what I've seen the items range from household appliances and car parts (??) to jewelry and clothing. Is this a normal/ethical...
  6. Smores

    Best Practices for Amazon Wish Lists

    I am browsing through some older threads and want to just get confirmation about the current best practices for webcam models who want to show an Amazon Wish List to customers. * The most important idea I am picking up is that the model should never connect any address to the Wish List. The...
  7. O

    Amazon Locker

    I apologize if this subject has been discussed to death already, but I wanted to make sure other cammers are aware of the Amazon locker option available for anonymous wish list delivery. You can have items from your wishlists delivered directly to these lockers where you can pick them up. It...
  8. Mira_xo

    Custom "Swag" From Models: What Would You Buy?

    Hi! I've been thinking about this a lot lately -- what physical "swag" from models would be something you're interested in? Models, what have you found sells the best? By swag I mean... T-shirts, mugs, stickers, posters, hats, etc. I'm specifically not talking about photo prints or polaroids...
  9. G

    Receiving gifts /// Spoiled Online alternative for Europe

    Hi there! I'm fairly new to camming and today I was trying to know what options are there for us european cam models to receive gifts from clients in a safe way :) I just recently learned about Spoiled Online and I was thrilled to get an account there, only that again they are a service that...
  10. M

    Amazon Wishlist? Please send help.

    I have a few guys already asking me for my Amazon wishlist to buy Christmas presents but I haven't found a way to set it up while protecting my privacy and location. Do I have to use a P.O. Box address? Will they see my street address if they track the package? Will they have to know my real...
  11. LizzieLust

    Member Christmas gift ideas

    I'm working on Christmas presents for a few regulars, and trying to decide what kinds of things to add. I would love to know what other cam models have given members, and what members would like to recieve. I will definitely be adding personal items related to each members likes, but I'd like...
  12. AngelKisses00

    Question about chaturbate wishlists

    I have been wondering for awhile now if I can add wishlists from different sites or does it just have to be from Amazon?
  13. KristinKervz

    Christmas presents!

    Have you purchased or made a gift for someone that you're super excited to give? Have you received a present that you're absolutely in love with? I wanna hear all about that shit! Share pics if you have them. I know, I know; Christmas isn't supposed to be so materialistic. I'm not a religious...
  14. C

    Amazon, Ebay, best way to go about being safe

    I have some viewers that want to buy me things on my wish lists but unsure of having them mailed to me as I do not want them knowing my address. How should I go about receiving these gifts in a way that is safe and confidential for myself and the viewer? does ebay and amazon have an address...