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help please and thanks

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  1. U

    MFC model not sure if I should give up.

    I have been using mfc for about a month now, but I have only been on a total of 8 times. When I first started, on my first night, I walked away with $110 made in under two hours. I was shocked and so happy. The next night was almost the same amount, and so was the following night. The fourth...
  2. Annabell_blossom

    Camsoda questions

    Hey everyone! So I'm totally new to pretty much everything (camming and posting in forms...I know I'm a cave women). So I've had my first show 2 days ago and again yesterday. It went really really really well, I made WAY more money then what I was expecting and I somehow have almost 100...
  3. Heavenleigh83

    Are Amazon gift cards safe?

    hi! Ok so i am in transition from justbbwcams to Streamate but for the next week or so I won’t be on any site. I have a regular member who intends to follow me to the other site but until then has asked for shows through skype or kik. He wants to pay by amazon gift card to me it doesn’t seem...
  4. Kitty_Minxi

    Member Abuse/Blackmail

    I couldn't find anywhere on here about this topic (though I am still a n00b and getting used to the site). I know what to do when members are bullying/being abusive. I block/ban them for life. But what do you do when members a threatening or blackmailing you? I went to my local police station...
  5. Heavenleigh83

    New Need Help!

    Hi guys! So I have two questions: 1.) is MFC a good place for a new camgirl? Im a bbw and im on justbbws but its not a high traffic place from what i have seen. 2.) how generous is too generous? I did a show last night and i feel like I let myself be pressured into doing things for free...
  6. B

    What words do you have blocked for chat?

    About a year ago I was on chaturbate, and now I'm returning soon. I'm trying to set up a blocked word/phrase list for the greys. What do you guys usually block or would recomend me blocking? I will be doing some light fetish stuff with my husband.
  7. A

    Please help me save her, I do love her (I am NOT asking for $$$)

    Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I am not talking about convincing a model to leave her job and marry me. I have no problem with what she does. She's a kind person who works hard to provide for her son. She just does not love herself. She wants to get life threatening plastic surgery...
  8. Addison_Moon

    New to MFC!

    Hey! So I'm new to MFC and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to talk about so I usually just end up typing. I don't really know what to do as soon as I start broadcasting and I just sit there. Do you have any discussion ideas or what to do when I start broadcasting? Thanks
  9. P

    How to transfer money from paxum to bank account

    Hi everyone ! I'm here to ask a basic question that my beginner camgirl skills can't figure out for themselves. I reeaally hope someone can help me :inlove: My first chaturbate payment was transferred to my paxum account (it's all verified and active). But now I'm stuck, I don't know how to...
  10. Jesse Angel

    Good Background While Camming

    Hey, everyone. So, here's the deal: I recently moved into a new apartment, and the new room I cam in has very plain white walls. I was wondering what I could do to spruce them up some and add some decorations/a background while I cam just so I don't have a boring white wall behind me. I am...
  11. T

    Looking for a model

    Hey there! I'm looking for some help looking for a chaturbate model. All I remember is she has big tits and has a legend of dragoon tattoo on her forearm and a legend of Kain of the other! Please help!
  12. whatdaheo

    i would love if someone could pm me about a certain model?

    i woud love to buy all her videos and if she does webcam shows id probably do private with her in an instant. i just have no idea where to start since she doesnt show her face. anyone have any idea? would greatly appreciate it. thank you for your time and help :)