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  1. with_cherry_on_top

    Experimental initiative: interviews with cam models on Steemit

    Hello, beautiful (and everyone who don't indentify as beautiful) people. I am someone who occassionally loves writing, and it has so happened that one of the side gigs I do is affiliate marketing. With that said, I have decided to conduct an experiment of sorts. I have a file with 30 or so...
  2. T

    Request for interviews and/or survey completion about sexcamming as part of a sociological study

    Hello everyone ! I hope my topic is not out of place, and doesn’t violate any of your rules. Tell me if it does ! My name is Timothée, I’m a french student at the University of Bordeaux, and as part of my third year of sociology studies, I’m doing a research about new online works, and more...
  3. cmodelguide

    Inspiring YouTube Documentary with ManyVids' co-founder Bella French

    I just found this interview with the co-founder and CEO of ManyVids, Bella French. Bella gives some insights on how she got started in the adult industry, what prompted her to found a startup in the adult industry and what fuels her to continue pushing forward for change. I am totally into...
  4. T

    Want to interview a Cam Model for Live Broadcast

    Hello Models, I'm helping produce a live talk show broadcast for a major network this Thursday (4/19) and Friday (4/20) and we are looking to interview a Cam Model. You won't be asked to do anything sexual in nature - it's a fun, positive, casual interview more about how you keep viewers for...
  5. Ruby_Roo

    Applying for flight attendant position - need help with resume ;(

    So I'm applying for a flight attendant position and have an interview in a few days but i don't know how I'm going to talk about my current job (camming) to them. Is there a more professional way of talking about this job without lying about it? any advice would be highly appreciated !! <3
  6. J

    London students also working in stripping...

    Hi everyone, I'm Jess, a PhD student at City, University of London. I've been advised by other dancers to try webcamming forums... I'm looking to interview final year university students working in London's stripping industry. The interview will be anonymous, will last around one hour and you...
  7. N

    survey questions about camming

    Hi all, My name is Nicole and I'm a grad student doing research at the University of Washington. This quarter, myself and others are working to create some kind of toolkit for cam models. If you feel comfortable sharing, I would greatly appreciate you answering some brief questions about your...