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  1. S

    Chaturbate restricted country problem.

    Hi. I am from Serbia, I've been member of Chaturbate since 2012. I used to be verified model, then stopped camming, made a break and now I want to start modeling again and be able to receive tokens. I've been trying to verify myself in past 3 years! But Chaturbate always get back to me as my...
  2. babyfaceforever

    Hide your location from Snapchat

    Hey all, This great warning has been going around Twitter, but I want to make sure it has as much spread as possible. @AveryBlvck explains how to hide your location with the new Snapchat update Stay safe!
  3. JesseBangs

    Newb needs minor tech support: How do I make sure my photos are location marked?

    Hey yal! Sooo I'm aware of the fact that in this day and age it can be easy to reverse image search or find somebody's location from it being embedded in the photographs information... How do I go about making sure that my photographs are not marked with my location before posting them? Cheers! <3
  4. Q

    Chaturbate and some general safety concerns

    Hello, I created my account 5 minutes ago so be patient :angelic: IMPORTANT THING 1: We all know most camming sites block certain countries for your protection, but I'm not sure about Chaturbate. This happened to me yesterday: I was on the frontpage, saw a hot girl and clicked. Everything went...
  5. alectarain

    Should you share your location with people in your chatroom?

    I never like to tell the state I'm from to just random strangers coming in and out of my chat. I barely share it with people that pay for shows, because I'm a camgirl. I like to do everything online ;) But a lot of people seem to get annoyed with me when I just say, "I'm from the United States."...