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  1. ailein

    Rules for Models

    Hi all! All must follow rules on each streaming sites, users and models. In theory, yes, but in IRL yes/no All streaming sites consider models as gods and goddesses. They have all rights. But there are some rules for models that sometimes models forget to follow them and sites close their...
  2. Starman

    Bright ideas for model shows

    I got a zillion of them! Are they any good? Well .... As a fan of old-fashioned strip tease and slow teasing in general, I'd like to see a model who, instead of designating tip amounts for "remove blouse," "remove bra," remove skirt," remove panties," has tip amounts for "undo one button,"...
  3. Nishamii

    [MFC Share] - Possibilities for models ?

    Hi I readed the Wiki of MFC Share and I did not find my answer so I need some help from the Ambercutie community. My friend is a model and she would like to know some details about the MFC Share service : - Is there a way for her to see the pictures and videos after she has uploaded them on...
  4. Steemycam Cryptocurrency's Sexiest Live Adult Cam Platform

    WE ARE STEEMYCAM. The first ever live adult cam platform to use their own cryptocurrency tipping system. This gratuity method has tons of advantages for our models and users. Here are three of them you should know: Marketable tokens. Our tokens are not just your ordinary tokens. Unlike other...
  5. JonRainbow

    Moochers & member etiquette

    I was lucky to be part of an amazing session on MFC on Friday but was really suprised at how many moochers/freeloaders there were in the room. At one point there was just under 600 people in the room yet there were probably only 10 of us actually tipping tokens. At one stage there was a goal of...
  6. K

    My experience of falling in love with a cam model...

    Hi everyone, First of bare with me, my English isn't perfect but I really wanted to share my personal experience about falling in love with a cam model since it happened with me too and i have seen different stories about it on the net! So like many of you I discovered those cam websites, i...
  7. bamxo

    How was your experience with BongaCams?

    I am talking here about the experience from models point of view: payments, members, support...etc. But if there are any affiliates also, please let me know your experience with BC. Thanks B
  8. Sneeqie

    *GOOD IDEA* For Models Protecting Video's

    Video Anti-Piracy Idea So I was thinking, most guys who buy videos won't go out of there way to post them on PornHub etc or even sites like [site name banned*9].com that won't acknowledge DMCA... So my idea was each video you make, make slight changes and create 10-20 + different variations or...
  9. ShyCollegeSlut

    Does anyone want to create/join a Twitter #RT group just for models to join.

    I'm a big believer in models supporting each other, and i'd love to get a group together of models/camgirls who will #RT for #RT on twitter, and help each other out. Anyone interested?
  10. MrSwoob

    Organizing all the lovelies on MFC

    This may be a topic no one cares about, but hey there are a few of those here. I have been a MFC fan for some time. Lately I have been playing around with the model list settings. I have to admit they way you can configure a personal list of models is pretty impressive.Here are a few things I...
  11. V

    Getting jipped makes me skeptical

    Are there certain red flags one should worry about in regards to flashes and Skypes? For example, I know that the basic rate for a Skype show is 200 tks per 10 minutes, but lately tipping that usually leaves me hanging, with the model either not acknowledging that I tipped, or muting my PMs...
  12. NatashaSlay

    Meeting other cam girls? (MFC)

    I've been a 2 year hiatus and juuuust did my first (lil) stream since a few days ago but i'm in love with the idea of putting out content with other models that kind of fit my style. How have you guys gone about meeting up with each other? It seems like lots of mfc girls do 2 girl shows or have...
  13. Bella__x

    Blocking, Banning and such.

    Is there any possible way to ban models from viewing your show? Even if they have your area barred so you can't physically look them up? Hoping someone knows a way around this without blocking out my area as well as i don't want to exclude my members from viewing me, just other models...
  14. S

    Biggest Tip/Best earning (SM models)

    Hey guys :) I seen a ton of threads on MFC models getting incredibly insane high tips, but I haven't found SM girls that have had large tips. Out of curiosity what was your biggest tip? And what was the most money you earned in a week on SM?
  15. Influenced

    Cam Model Site You As A Model Or Member Frequent The Most?

    As the description says, taste wise, model wise, site wise, what is the site you find yourself model or member going to the most on a regular basis the majority of the time? This can be to watch models, socialize or anywhere in between. I myself tend to frequent MyFreeCams the most just...
  16. M

    New Cam Site opinions and ideas wanted.

    So I'm thinking about creating a new cam site and wanted the opinions and ideas of others. One main difference between my potential site and others is the model payout percentage - the minimum percentage would be 80%, I'm trying to make that more 85-90% also no minimum payout. I'm also thinking...
  17. MembersandModels

    New Model Site Coming

    Hi haven't been on the forum in a long time been revamping the site we were going to launch a new cam site a year ago, which was discussed on our closed thread here below with some of you a year ago. We took...
  18. D

    Fan wants me to be virtual dom--has anyone done this?

    Hi everyone! I've been camming for three weeks and I had a fan yesterday who is into the dom/slave thing. He wants to send me a $250 giftrocket per month to tell him to do humiliating things, tell him what to wear, boss him around, generally be mean to him, etc. This would all be done through...
  19. Badj3u

    what is the best way to hide your IP address from hackers?

    hey Everyone i want to start doing skype shows but i'm little nervous about the security on skype, i know people could find others IP address and personal information just by skyping with them. so my question is how do i do a private skype shows and and still protect myself from stalkers...