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  1. sikayoujo

    Cam model supporting politicians

    I don't know about anyone else, but supporting a politician is a sex worker seems like a very risky move. The only ones I've seen overtly support politicians have been Trump supporting models, and before the election they were making good tips. They don't seem to be doing as well afterwards -...
  2. Lilah_Marquise

    Feelings on cammer/viewer political divides?

    I'm curious how everyone else feels about having very diifferent political views on cam. Normally I avoid the topic, but recently when I mentioned being Canadian, a guy brought up his love of Jordan Peterson. And I just had a hard time keeping the internal screaming in. Personally I'd feel weird...
  3. Guy

    Controversy over Trump blocking people on Twitter

  4. B

    The Trump Presidency Prediction Time Capsule Thread

    As of tomorrow, there are only 2 weeks until Donald Trump's inauguration. Some among us are filled with joy, others among us are filled with dread. Either way, I'm sure we all have predictions about what will happen during the next 4 years. At the end of the next 4 years, it would be cool to get...
  5. Mila_

    The islamization of Europe

    The goal of this thread is to discuss the ongoing problems Europe is facing after accepting over one million muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Cote D'Ivore, etc. These are the most recent and impactful islamic attacks on European soil: Charlie Hebdo attacks (Jan 7th...
  6. Mila_

    Who are you voting for?

    This poll is for everyone, even if you don't live in the US or can't vote here, it is a make-believe poll. The idea is to discuss this upcoming election and to see which way the forum leans. The poll is secret so no matter what you answer nobody will know what you picked and you can change your...