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  1. Lelo1

    PornHub - 2019 Year in Review Lesbian seems to be really strong in the US this year. Amateur did really well this year, and had a good view time. On average 18 to 34 makes up 61% of the market. Both with: Amateur, Lesbian, Japanese, Hentai, Popular with...
  2. MilaRose

    Deleting Videos on Pornhub

    So, I'm pretty new to Pornhub and am still getting a feel for the site. I recently decided I wanted a video deleted from my account, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete it by myself. Do I have to contact admins to have them delete a video I no longer want on my page? xoxo Mila Rose <3
  3. InaraPage

    Pornhub new verified-tag

    Hello! Long time no see (sorry). I tried to search the open forums since I'm no longer verified here but couldn't find the answer. How long do you have the "newly verified"-tag on Pornhub, and is it important to take advantage of? If there's reason to post a lot during the new-tag, how much...
  4. S

    Does anyone use the Pornhub modle program?

    Hey I was hopeing someone used the model program on Pornhub that paid you for uploading content have a few questions. 1. Do they send you any type of physical letters in the mail and if yes how are they labeled? 2. I read something that you are required to post the ID of people in your video...
  5. Guy

    Pornhub Is Banning AI-Generated Fake Porn Videos

  6. Guy

    Pornhub branches out into interactive sex toys
  7. D

    Any issues using Chaturbate and Pornhub

    I know CB allows you to use other cam sites it's not an exclusivity deal, but what about sites like Pornhub. Can the same videos be posted there or do they have to at least be different than what is uploaded on CB? Can they ban accounts advertising through PH, do you avoid giving web addresses...
  8. Luckyfoxxy

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    I am shocked nobody made a thread about Pornhub's efforts to help cam models decide to have their content posted there. Thoughts? Anybody tried it with success? Taking it from the thread on stripperweb it apparently isn't very profitable in itself - the only way to make any money is for pornhub...
  9. SagenHoney

    PornHub Traffic Changes During Game Day ~

    I lol'd. Not super specific why but I suppose I could understand people needing to pull off that victory wank. ~
  10. adultcpanetwork

    Hello Cam Girls

    Hello, I manage a Porn tube with near a million visits by day... i would like to promote more CamGirls on my site to have fresh content... i think a lot of you have already done that and i would like to know the Good or Bad point to upload video content on a Porn Tube. My goal is to send you...