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recorded in free chat

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  1. P

    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    Hello I am having an issue, well I found recorded vids of my previous public shows on CB posted on a specific site, and I want to use DMCA takedown service to remove these videos which was recorded without my permission. So I'm asking if there someone who have experienced something like this can...
  2. U

    new recording/pirate site or... ?

    Hey all, pretty specific first post, but I wanted to make people aware of this if they weren't, and gain some awareness myself if anyone can offer insight. I'm a relatively new model on Chaturbate. I stay masked and most, but not all, of my revenue comes from privates; being recorded is still a...
  3. L

    Life after webcamming

    I started camming when I was 18 years old. I cam soley just to have extra money. I had no intention of making it my main career and Income. I have no intention of becoming a well known model. Which I’m not thankfully. I’m 20 now. I don’t have a fan base or social media. I only have up to 10...
  4. Smores

    Anyone Make an OBS Add-on to Add Identifier Code to a Broadcast?

    Since the problems with some viewers illegally recording model video streams - and redistributing those without permission - is so bad, I had a slightly ingenious idea. Could someone develop an OBS add on that adds a small barcode or encrypted data onto an area of the screen that encodes a) the...
  5. KandiCamGirl

    Video Converter… Which one do you suggest?

    I need to download a video converter and need help. I cam and the site I use allows you to record but in order to save the video on your computer, You have to use a screen capture program which I have and used to say files on my computer. I need an additional program to convert that video to a...
  6. EvieKnowsBest


    Hey! So.. Been curious about this one for a while now. I have worked on the site before, under 2 different usernames, and after a couple of years, I decided to google them and see what comes up. Apparently, people still post some mp4s and screencaps, altho I...