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  1. C

    Increased scamming on Stripchat.

    I have been a stripchat user for 4 years. Stripchat has seen a nice increase in traffic and in the number of models listed. At the same time, I've noticed a marked increase in the number of scams. The rules state: - We cannot give refunds on cases of agreements or shows that took place outside...
  2. jenniferburril

    Account banned for ID verificaton failed

    As you all can see mote than 30-40% of models get banned when sent the Age ID Verification. This is not a reason Chaturbate just started to scam. I have sent them numerous emails with this problem and all i get back was " automated email ". I didn't received the payment from last period and the...
  3. P

    I’ve been scammed - rant

    Hi: Just want to vent that I have been scammed 3 times by models who advertised custom videos. The mistake that I made was that I didn’t use tokens or clip sites and it has backfired on me big time. I’ll go in order of who scammed me. Scammer #1) Fitandfriskyfunnxxx - chaterbate - I e-mailed...
  4. SweetSamara

    When you find fake accounts/profiles impersonating you

    So it has been brought to my attention today that there is an account on snapchat that is impersonating me and using my premium snapchat pics and vids to try and scam people.This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I honestly never thought it would happen to me because I'm...
  5. Rachel Lee Ray

    Scammers - A Thread To Keep Track?

    Hey All, So today someone attempted to scam us into giving them a show on skype. They contacted us through Twitter and offered a couple ways of payment including Amazon GC's and Google Pay. After numerous dm's back and forth, me trying to get him to use CB's payment method or trying to get...
  6. Mia Cherry

    Scammers and threats of hacking

    This has happened to me twice now, where someone threatens that they are going to hack me. It never happened the first time but now someone is threatening again.... Is it just me? Should I ignore these people or should I try to do something to stop it, and if so...what? Anyone here actually been...
  7. K

    Advice please! Scam or no?

    I was hoping to get some help/advice determining if this is fraud or legitimate. This will be my first go at this so I have no idea what I'm doing quite yet. Here is our conversation. I agreed to film with her for $100 per show. She told me I needed to buy a name in order to move forward...
  8. C


    Are the guys that say that they'll tip you after setting up a password show, which only they know the password to, usually a scammer? Once a guy said 500 tokens after the show, and just left after doing a full show. This one guy recently said 900 tokens after the show but if I put in this "9282"...
  9. IvyBrooks

    How to avoid scammers when doing Skype shows - a little advice

    I recently encountered a scammer while negotiating a Skype show. Luckily for me I knew how to identify the scam, so the scammer didn't succeed. But I thought I'd post some tips on doing Skype shows for other girls who may not be as aware of these scams. 1. I read that most camgirls only accept...
  10. BarelyCharlie

    Security Advice

    This is Charlie, again. I'm a cam girl since... I think it's three months by now, but it has happened a lot of things since I got here, and I wanted to share to you something. I've been hacked and scammed a couple of times; my email got hacked, my facebook account, and I had to delete...
  11. JinKo

    I'm Looking Legit Studios Or Managers

    Okay So I've been camming off and on for a minute now and I think I'd really like to work with a studio or have someone like a manager can help out with getting Traffic to my cam shows. I know some studios can be scammers and some people who call themselves mangers are just looking for a free...